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watch-dock-6.0Analysis of the iPad Pro’s display from DisplayMate shows that it’s a “top tier” display, but falls behind the iPad mini 4 and even Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4. There’s honestly not much between the various displays, and certainly nothing you’d notice unless you were looking for it — for all intents and purposes, the iPad Pro display is just fine, even if the specs don’t say so.

The advantage of the iPad Pro over, say, a MacBook, is that it can run the many awesome iOS apps that you just can’t on OS X. That combined with Apple’s push for multitasking features on iOS means there’s already people who have ditched their MacBook and iPad Air 2 combo for an iPad Pro, as it really is the best of both worlds. You know, at least for the time being.

To put the importance of the iPhone in perspective, research says Apple currently holds 94% of smartphone profits with just 14.5% smartphone sales volume. While Android devices definitely have the upper hand over Apple’s iPhone, when it comes to market share, Apple is the undisputed profits king.

Now that Apple plans to open its first Apple Store in Singapore, Apple has announced its intentions to power all of its Singaporean-based operations from solar energy. Doing so will make it the first company in the region to do so, as reported by 9to5Mac.

The Verge shows us pictures of what is probably Apple’s official charging dock. The Magnetic Charging Dock certainly appears to have packaging consistent with current Apple accessory packaging, and is also capable of being used flat or vertically for Nightstand mode, so we should see this accessory sooner rather than later.

With Australians officially getting Apple Pay via American Express cards tomorrow, iMore says Amex in Canada is treating Touch ID on the iPhone just as secure as chip and PIN, removing the $100 transaction limit usually associated with contactless payments without needing to enter your PIN. Here’s hoping Australia gets the same treatment, but I guess we’ll see soon enough.

MacStories checks out PDF Expert for Mac, with the impressive PDF editor making the jump to the desktop (or laptop, if that’s how you roll).

On the one hand, you could argue that iWork is no more, thanks to the separation of the apps within Apple’s Mac App Store. On the other hand, Ars Technica reviews the quietest iWork release in history, with iWork 15 brining many minor changes to the suite of Pages, Keynote, and Numbers but very few headlining features.

Dan Counsell has a list of Mac apps that are doing just fine without the Mac App Store. While they’re all fairly well-known apps, there’s plenty of apps from indies that aren’t from big companies such as Adobe.

Apple has released a new set of videos about the new Apple TV, showing off Crossy Road, Netflix, HBO NOW, and Disney Infinity.

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  1. alfrsr says:

    That Apple Watch dock is pretty much the perfect dock for me! Use it with a short cable while travelling and with a long cable beside the bed.

    What I don’t get is why the hell they didn’t release it along side the watch in the first place!

  2. tcn33 says:

    cough Pencil cough

  3. As in “where the fuck is the Pencil?” Or is this an example of Tourettes using ordinary everyday words instead of swear words?

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