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CTjEIYXUEAE_W1JThe iPad Pro. Throw any kind of adjective at it and you’ll find that it’s the biggest, fastest, most expensive, iPad Apple has ever made. Apple might be positioning it as a perfect tablet for creatives and those that have gentler computing requirements, but ultimately, whether you buy one will depend on the kind of work you do and whether you require a more traditional computing experience or something that can be described by quite a few superlatives.

Anthony Agius’ take on the iPad Pro as a post-PC device — that term so often cited by iPad champions — looks at the various locations he performs his computing tasks and evaluates the iPad Pro against each of them.

If you’re planning on doing writing on the iPad Pro, then it might not be the best choice. Even with Logitech’s external keyboard, 9to5Mac calls the iPad Pro a disappointing choice compared to the MacBook Air, and I feel as though a MacBook would be even better than the iPad for strictly portable writing.

Jared Sinclair says there’s a number of factors holding back the iPad and the App Store. The App Store points have more or less existed since its creation, but the fact that the iPad remains a mystery is definitely cause for concern. These problems affect developers, too, which only exacerbates the cycle — developers don’t buy iPads, aren’t developing apps for the iPad, and then in turn, neither are consumers (on both fronts).

Speaking to the Irish Independent, Apple CEO Tim Cook has said Apple won’t create a Mac and iPad hybrid. “So we want to make the best tablet in the world and the best Mac in the world. And putting those two together would not achieve either. You’d begin to compromise in different ways”, Cook said, emphasising that splitting two devices would be the best way to create the best of either device.

Rumours of a four-inch iPhone have once again raised its ugly head, with the latest predictions, uh, predicting a 2016 launch date. Whether this will be a cheaper iPhone 6/6s or an entirely new cheaper device that turns out to be not-so-cheap is anyone’s guess.

Apple World Today notes that Apple Maps is now listing Foursquare as one of its business listing data sources, if only people used to use Foursquare as much as they used to. Is it just me, or does Foursquare usage seem to have fallen off of late compared to a couple of years ago?

An issue with the App Store is incorrectly ranking Apple apps in top chart listings, but weirdly, the issue only appears to be affecting some iOS devices and not others. You know, just before you start rummaging for your torch and pitchfork.

Macworld checks out a few weird and crazy apps that you’d never think to run on your TV, but can thanks to the Apple TV App Store.

To put how far we’ve come into perspective, the number of pixels between icons on the iPad Pro exceeds the number of pixels along the horizontal of the original iPhone display. That’s this morning’s header image, as tweeted by Dennis Munsie.

Notable Replies

  1. I had a good read through Anthony’s article and agree entirely with his views.

    The iPad Pro may be a high powered machine, but it’s still an iPad with all the limitations that iOS brings. As a consumption device it’s great, as a creation devices it’s less so (with the exception of very specific apps that are purpose built for the form factor and interface). As he has said, working between apps can bring additional challenges.

    That said, someone reading one document/web page/whatever and writing another document may see most of the benefits they want simply from split screen, but I think for most professionals there is just too much compromise to give up a real laptop. Sure you CAN cope for a weekend if you need to, but you wouldn’t do it by choice.

    As Tim Cook said, a hybrid device is all about compromise that Apple don’t want to make.

    When it comes to the Surface Pro it has more than enough CPU and GFX power for most people. Storage, ports and all are there and if they aren’t it’s only a few minor tweaks (or a USB docking station) away. Problem is this adds weight and size.

    The Surface Pro sucks as a tablet, IMHO, because there aren’t the same apps and market place available as what’s there for the iPad. Lets pretend for a moment we had a mythical Surface Pro device that was iPad Pro size with all the power and battery life people expect from the iPad… it would still suck for the same reasons… but it would be light :stuck_out_tongue:

    The iPad Pro gives away all the function in favour of form, great for a tablet, not so great for people that want a real computer.

    I have a few ideas around this:

    Option 1:
    Now lets take one of the new MacBooks.
    Turn it into a convertible and add in a touchscreen…
    Put a hard switch on there somewhere to turn from OSX mode to iOS mode, the idea here being that in iOS mode it’s all power optimised to give extra long life while also bringing all the things you know and love about your iPad to the table.
    In OSX mode… well you get the picture.
    You’d have to program in some shared storage space so that your notes/music/videos/documents/etc etc are available through both interfaces and I’m sure that would require some special thinking around how the hell you can sandbox that on the iOS side vs the basically unfettered access you get on the OSX side… but I’m sure smarter people than me could figure that out…

    Option2 :
    (and the one I sort of like)
    Go all Surface book style.
    Build a new iPad Air with the ability to be used as just a screen.
    Build a new MacBook with is just the lower portion of the laptop.
    Build a connector to join them.

    Now you have a lightweight tablet that does everything you want as a tablet, but that you can plug it in and use as a screen for your high tech keyboard. The downside is you can’t use them both at the same time.

    You can still have minimal ports, lightweight size and it’s a plug in option… albeit expensive.

  2. Maybe the reason Apple won’t create a Mac and iPad hybrid is because the greedy buggers can make more money by selling us one of each?
    It will be interesting to see how much traction the MS Surface Pro gains in the market - it’s expensive, but still cheaper than a separate PC and tablet, and for what it’s worth coming from a Mac fan, Windows 10 is a bloody good OS.

  3. Honestly, the Surface is expensive, sexy sexy sexy, but expensive. Without a compelling tablet experience I think you’re far better off with a touchscreen laptop like the HP Spectre range (which is simply the first machine I found with the sort of specs I was looking for, I’m sure there are others).

    And that’s where the old adage of “right tool for the job” is spot on. As long as you can sync stuff, dedicated devices for different tasks allow you to get the best of what you want when you want it. The downside being that you have to think ahead and accept the limitations of your “tool” you choose for that day/time… also the cost of multiple devices… but then a top tier hydrid gets up there very quickly.

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