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MLDW2_FV01Apple Pay has launched in Australia, and even though you’ll need an American Express-issued Amex card, you can now use Apple’s mobile contactless payments solution wherever Amex and contactless payments are accepted. Many major retailers accept Amex, although some smaller ones will charge you an extra surcharge, but there’s just no beating the convenience of pulling out your phone to pay for something.

Apple has also introduced Personal Pickup in Australia, letting you buy your Apple products from the online store and then picking up at a retail location. Apple has previously offered online reservations for certain items on the online store, which allow you to reserve an item for in-store payment and pickup, but Personal Pickup even lets you have refurb items delivered to stores to be picked up.

Speaking to Wallpaper about the Apple Pencil, Apple’s Jony Ive has claimed the accessory will not replace the finger as a point of interface. Ive goes on to say the Apple Pencil was designed for more precise drawing interactions than a finger could provide, but wasn’t designed to replace the best pointing device around.

And with that, Apple’s Magnetic Charging Dock is now a thing you can buy. It’s one of the more pricer Apple Watch dock options at $129, but being able to work in both Nightstand mode and lay-flat mode is a bonus over the alternatives.

Apple’s official response to developers regarding the Mac App Store certificate issue explains a caching issue was to blame, after routine security certificate maintenance was performed.

Apple has released the fourth beta of iOS 9.2 to developers, which comes with an AT&T feature called Numbersync, as well as support for Arabic Siri support.

Macworld explains why fitness apps have been slow to adopt the new features in watchOS 2, with Runkeeper CEO saying the transition between watchOS 1 and 2 was a huge leap, with the possibility for many data discrepancies popping up if things weren’t done properly.

An update for Tweetbot on the Mac brings Split View and full screen mode in OS X El Capitan, but all I’m wondering is if it fixes the issue that prevented media from being dragged from anywhere.

MacStories said Instagram has updated its privacy policy to prohibit third party feed apps, meaning that third party app you were using to view Instagram on your Mac is probably dead in the water now.

9to5Mac says the new Apple TV actually offers worse app experiences in some cases, especially compared to their parallax counterparts.

Oh, and just quickly – if you’re using News on iOS 9.1, you can now add AppleTalk to your list of feeds in News. We had issues with items not showing up, but things seem to be working OK now. Let us know if you see any weirdness.

Notable Replies

  1. It was such a long wait for the new Tweetbot for iOS that I kinda got over Twitter. I think I spend most of my time muting hashtags than reading my timeline. Thank god for Tweetbot’s mute abilities or I’d go completely nuts.

  2. It’s bloody expensive but I like it! and so does the wife… so it’s going to get very bloody expensive after I order two :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. tcn33 says:

    One of the fringe benefits of this is that online purchases can also be refunded or exchanged in store - previously the online and retail inventories were entirely separate. I was able to get a replacement ATV on the spot, whereas just yesterday I would have been looking at 1-2 weeks.

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