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eddycuedropbox7 million. That’s how many Apple Watches analyst firm Canalys estimates Apple has shipped since the launch of the Apple Watch earlier this year. It’s a figure that puts Apple ahead of every other smartwatch manufacturer combined, with the Pebble being the second-closest at over 200,000 units. But as we’re reminded by 9to5Mac, Canalys’ numbers are an estimate of shipments to retailers, not directly to customers.

Apple’s SVP of Software and Services Eddy Cue has been spotted talking at the Dropbox Open conference, where he talked enterprise and the iPad Pro. Cue said Apple has been creating products for people to use, only now people are using those tools 24×7 for work. Cue also hinted at the launch of the iPad Pro, suggesting to the audience that they only had a few more days to wait for Apple’s largest iPad yet.

Apple Word Today writes that Apple’s planned campus for San Jose will be a 4.15 million square foot complex, which puts it larger than Apple’s Spaceship campus in Cupertino.

Australian designer Marc Newson has been profiled in the Australian Financial Review, where the close friend of Jony Ive says the Apple Watch will reach iPhone-levels of significance within the next five years.

Nest founder and father of the iPod Tony Fadell says Apple considered making a car in 2008, but the conversations never progressed beyond the purely conceptual. And it was probably for the best, seeing as the iPhone was in its infancy and Apple was probably on the verge of starting work on the iPad.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple will start producing the next iPhone in the third quarter of 2016, with a possibly earlier launch than normal.

Yesterday we got top charts on the new Apple TV’s App Store, and it looks like we’re getting categories today. If it isn’t showing up for you, try restarting your device a couple of times.

Ars Technica takes a look at the gaming experience on the new Apple TV. While it’s not exactly the pinnacle of gaming technology, they say there’s a decent selection of quality titles, but the controls can be a little hit and miss.

Linear text entry on the Apple TV has never been a great experience, but even more confusing is why you can’t pair a Bluetooth keyboard with the new Apple TV to enter your passwords that way. I mean, the new Apple TV clearly has Bluetooth, so maybe it’s an omission from tvOS that prevents you from doing so. Six Colors’ Dan Moren asks why iCloud Keychain isn’t supported on the device, either.

Last but not least, Reckoner’s review of the new Apple TV is filled with anecdotes about how James is actually using the thing, and what it’s actually like to use.

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