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CTo30skU8AAYbD5While people have questioned why Apple’s near-ubiquitous Lighting connection standard is still only USB 2 in a USB 3 world, there hasn’t really been any clear answer. With the iPad Pro, that changes — Apple confirmed to Ars Technica the iPad Pro the device features a USB 3-compatible Lightning port, the first of its kind to support theoretical transfer speeds up to ten times faster than that of lowly USB 2. But that’s about where the good news ends, as Apple has also said you’ll need a USB 3-capable Lightning cable to take advantage of the faster transfer speeds. If you’ve picked up an iPad Pro, you can probably start saving now.

Anandtech’s preview of the iPad Pro looks as the device from a purely note-taking perspective. There’s a tonne to like about the super responsive Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combo when drawing diagrams or writing out equations, but there’s also a lot to like about the form factor when typing out notes, too.

Meanwhile, a designer’s take on the iPad Pro over at The Verge says it’s all about the apps. The whole idea of a graphics tablet is to be able to input into a computer that has the processing power necessary for that kind of idea-sketching, idly-doodling work, but the iPad Pro can potentially cut out the middleman. At least, once you get your hands on an Apple Pencil — Apple’s highly-publicised accessory currently doesn’t ship for weeks.

Apple’s App Store Twitter account has tweeted a link to a collection of creativity and productivity apps designed for the iPad Pro. The collection includes the expected drawing and painting apps, as well as the full Office suite, mind-mapping tools, and more.

A second day diary of the iPad Pro at 9to5Mac somewhat understand what Apple CEO Tim Cook is talking about when he says it will be a laptop replacement for many, seeing as it’s a device that has an always-available internet connection that can run all of your favourite apps — even if they aren’t all optimised for the larger display or multitasking features, like many of Apple’s own apps.

IOS developer Steve Streza writes that the iPad Pro needs some version of Xcode. His argument says that if developers are actively using the device to do work (as opposed to just pulling it out of the cupboard every major app update), they’ll be able to improve their own apps immeasurably.

Apple has since apologised to the black teenagers prevented from entering the Highpoint Apple Store. Tim Cook has now sent out an email to all staff calling out the event, taking the opportunity to say Apple is open.

Michael Tsai has a summary of the App Store issue that led to error messages about apps being damaged. Security certificates expire all the time, sure, but if Apple wants the Mac App Store to be the place for app developers, then they’ve got to start giving the sandbox a little love.

At least Apple is doing something about the underwhelming search in the App Store, rolling out better search algorithms and engines for more accurate search results.

Apple’s 2015 gift guide is now out, featuring gift suggestions for a variety of different interests.

Almost as soon as it was released, the iOS version of Flux has been killed by Apple, who apparently found sideloading the app to be a circumvention of its one and only app distribution channel, the App Store.

A particularly futuristic patent from Apple describes a method to expel water from interior components using electric charges and acoustics. “Liquid expulsion from an orifice” probably isn’t the best name they could have come up with, though.

Tonight’s header image of the iPad Pro size comparison via Justin Ezarik, aka iJustine. You remember her, right?

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  1. palais says:

    Man, Apple’s ‘squeeze every last cent out of the customer’ policy is really starting to grate. First the $19 wrist strap for the ATV remote, and now they can’t throw in a USB 3 cable with a minimum $1249 device? Jebus.

  2. But… there aren’t any USB 3 Lightning cables, so how could they?

  3. Apple Pencil proves otherwise. But maybe that’s a different case again.

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