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smart_keyboard_large_2xAfter the flaming train wreck that was Jimmy Iovine’s comments on music being difficult to find for “some women”, the Beats co-founder has since apologised for his comments, telling BuzzFeed he could have chosen his words better. Iovine’s original comment related to the Apple Music ad first aired in September, which was aimed at women, but also told BuzzFeed that Apple created Apple Music to make finding the right music easier for everyone.

It looks like Apple may be working on an app that makes it easier for customers to troubleshoot issues with their Apple devices. Screenshots of the app show it designed with a problem-solving focus in mind, with the app also capable of chatting with Apple Support, scheduling in-store visits, and arranging an mail-in repair. MacRumors notes it’s not clear whether this will become integrated into the existing Apple Store iOS app or whether it will be a standalone app.

A report from Wired detailing the contents of the ISIS Opsec manual reveals a thumbs-up from the organisation for Apple’s iMessage, with the end-to-end encryption praised for “being impervious to both spying from government intelligence agencies and Apple itself”. Apple’s iMessage has also been cited as a secure communications method for avoiding the recently implemented data retention in Australia, so this comes as no real surprise.

Apple has won a lawsuit against ContentGuard, who sued Apple for infringing on DRM-related patents. Apple was found not guilty of illegally applying DRM technology to content sold via the iTunes Store and the iBookstore.

I don’t even know what to make of news of a man arrested for trying to slash prices with a real samurai sword in Apple’s Fifth Avenue Store. Perhaps he saw the out of warranty replacement cost for the iPad Pro (seriously, it’s expensive) and decided to do something about it?

IMore’s review of the Apple Pencil echoes similar thoughts I’ve read about the Apple Pencil: it’s the best stylus for any tablet out there, and while it’s not perfect, Serenity Caldwell writes it beats Wacom at their own game. It still feels like plastic on glass, but as far as using it for drawing, scribbling, or annotating, there is no tool better.

Sometimes the simplest apps are the best, and Sidefari does one thing, and does it well. All Sidefari lets you do is view two webpages at once, without having to use another browser such as Chrome or even Firefox. It’s based on Safari View Contoller, so you even get the Reader and content-blocking features of Mobile Safari.

Now that you’re starting out with a keyboard on your iPad, 9to5Mac has a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts for built-in and third-party apps in iOS 9.

Apple World Today explains the difference between Apple Music and iTunes Match, and why you might want to have one (or both) subscriptions active. The big difference here is DRM — Apple Music adds DRM to your files stored in your iCloud Music Library, while iTunes Match doesn’t.

Afterpad has a list of controller-compatible games for the new Apple TV, for those of you that picked up Apple’s latest streaming box and a standalone controller to go with it.

Ben Brooks says he has a love/hate relationship with the always-on Hey Siri feature, saying he hates talking out loud to Apple’s personal assistant, but grudgingly admits she’s a whole lot more useful that way. You know, like the recent ad.

Stephen Hackett discovered that Apple’s helpline for free telephone support for Macs sold between 1992 and 1996 still works.

Notable Replies

  1. avolve says:

    I enabled it on my 4S, and does not seem to work…

  2. Eh? Always-on Hey Siri is only on the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. You can have Hey Siri on older devices, but only when they’re plugged in and charging, and I’m not sure if that extends to the 4S.

  3. avolve says:

    I thought this was the case (6S+), and misread the docs.

    I was surprised I could actually enable it — I guess I will try it plugged in and see if it works

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