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explodedJapanese website Nikkei says Apple will be making the switch to OLED displays in the iPhone from 2018 onwards. LG Display is already planning upgrades for high-capacity OLED production, after Apple notified its manufacturing partners about the move to the alternative display technology, with the move carrying a number of implications for Apple’s current LCD partners, Sharp and Japan Display.

Instead of punching in your long email address and complicated password, wouldn’t it make more sense to just put in a unique code to authenticate a new device against your account? That’s the problem that Facebook’s tvOS SDK aims to solve, adding an easy way for tvOS apps to authenticate against your Facebook account by entering a matching code on your Apple TV, and saving you from having to put in your entire Facebook password. I believe an AppleTV app already does this on the older Apple TV… Netflix, perhaps?

Apple’s latest patent to keep liquid ingress at bay is a system of connected electronic shutters, which can open or close on command. These shutters can block critical pathways to liquid-sensitive components in an iPhone or other portable device, potentially saving the device and a costly trip to the Apple Store.

An in-depth look at the MagSafe power adapter tells us the serious amount of tech Apple manages to pack into its little white charging bricks. There’s a micro-controller onboard that constantly monitors voltage and current, and it’s “roughly as powerful as the processor inside the original Macintosh”, in your MagSafe power adapter.

A slightly different review of the iPhone 6s evaluates the device over an Indonesian trip, covering aspects which might not be in your day-to-day, but show how good the iPhone is in every situation you can throw at it.

Gus Mueller (developer of Mac image editing app Acorn) has been using Wacom tablets for about 20 years now, and the Apple Pencil almost matches umpteen years of progress that Wacom has made in the graphics tablet department. With the right software, it’s even possible that the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro combination is better.

Allen Pike says App Store apps have been pointing to his email address for support, which is surely grounds for removal. His look at a darker side of the App Store tells us about the App Store policies that quite probably need to be changed.

In case you weren’t seeing anything high-end enough to charge your Apple Watch Edition on, there’s now an Apple Watch dock made out of marble, yours for a cool $190.

Macworld reminisces about the time you started up your Mac, only to be greeted with a happy Mac image.

Ars Technica takes a look back at what it is like to use Mac OS 9 in 2015.

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