Friday Morning News

l1S4OZvFYekkBGRWA teardown of the new iPad Pro from iFixit shows that the new self-balancing speakers take up about half as much space as the battery. Apple could have cut down on speaker enclosure size for more battery capacity, but it would have meant a heavier device that has an even larger battery.

Ars Technica’s review of the new iPad Pro says the iPad Pro may have the best performance of Apple’s iOS devices, but the fact that it runs means iOS means that it’s a lot different to a traditional computer, too.

AppleInsider reports the new iPad Pro features the same M9 motion coprocessor integrated into the A9X CPU (like in the iPhone 6s), however the tablet lacks the always-on “Hey Siri” feature found in the iPhone. For the time being, always-on Siri appears to be an iPhone exclusive feature.

If there was ever a case for better iPad multitasking, the iPad Pro is it. All that screen real estate means using apps side-by-side is a much better experience now, and once developers get on board the split-screen multitasking train, we’ll start to see some real productivity gains.

The Telegraph’s interview with Jony Ive tells us the story of the Apple Pencil, which is subtly weighted so that it self-balances as to not roll off a flat surface, but that weighting can’t be felt when holding the Pencil. It’s also incredibly lag-free.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple is potentially bringing person-to-person payments to Apple Pay.

If your purchased Mac apps are showing as damaged when you launch them, then it may be due to expired security certificates. Rebooting your Mac may resolve the issue, otherwise you’ll have to re-download apps from the Mac App Store.

Apple will be employing an additional 1,000 staff in Ireland, presumably to help them with their tax evasion practices — but the Irish government is looking into the issue of whether Apple was given unfair state aid.

Firefox for iPhone and iPad is now available in the App Store, but 9to5Mac writes that it still uses a WebKit-based rendering engine instead of the Gecko-based one it uses on your computer. Maybe that’s better.

Mac Kung Fu tells us about the difference between square and rounded icons for Apple Watch notifications. Honestly, I had no idea there was even a difference.

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