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c58cc076-7c95-11e5-9579-4275740ba339Apple’s financial results for Q4 2015 are out, and it should come as no surprise that Apple is making more money in the entire history of making money. OK, that might not be entirely true, but it’s probably not too far from the truth: with revenue of $51.5 billion, profit of $11.1 billion, Apple sold 48 million iPhones, 9.8 million iPads, and 5.7 million Macs. MacStories compares the numbers to previous quarters, and it’s interesting to see that while iPhones and iPads have all sold more in previous quarters, 5.7 million Macs is the most they’ve sold in a quarter, ever.

The first glimmer of Apple Pay in Australia started off with Apple Pay in Maps, and now we get confirmation from Apple CEO Tim Cook that American Express will be bringing Apple Pay to our somewhat nice, generally OK, country by the end of the year. Sure, Canada, Hong Kong, Spain, and Singapore also get Apple Pay via AmEx, but finally… Apple Pay in Australia. I could almost shed a tear.

Apple has added support for billing iTunes purchases to your telco bill, starting off with O2 in Germany.

There aren’t many Apple TV apps and games out there, but one of them is the Australian-developed Streaks Workout, which is more designed to help you keep track of how many workouts you’ve done and your consistency rather than showing you how to do the workouts properly, but it’s a cool-looking app.

Six Colors asks why Apple offers two storage tiers for the new Apple TV, and there doesn’t seem to be an answer either way. Maybe having 32GB of storage won’t be a problem.

I mean, it’s possible that app thinning will mean we won’t need a larger capacity device unless we’re planning to go all-in on apps and games, but if that was the case why offer two capacities at all? Polygon’s investigation into app thinning for the Apple TV has some great info on how it all works.

While we’re talking about the new Apple TV, there’s a way to make the new Apple TV screensavers work on your Mac. And if you’re going that far, you may as well look into making them dynamic wallpapers, too.

Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 9.2 to developers, although members of Apple’s public beta program miss out for now.

Similarly, OS X 10.11.2 is out and available for developers.

Apple has released a bunch of new iPhone ads recently — some feature Jamie Foxx, while another features some famous basketball player. I really like the new Camera one, which has the new style of Apple ad with a narrator that interacts with people within the ad — it’s pretty cool. Also, what is she really saying at the end of that ad?

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  1. Woofy says:

    Great, American Express would have to be the worst choice. We have them for company cards and less places than ever before take them…wonder if that means we get hit with the higher surcharges as well.

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