Tuesday Morning News

apple-tv-hero-select-201510Pre-orders for the new Apple TV are now live. In Australia, the 32GB version will set you back $269, or $349 for the 64GB version. While there doesn’t seem to be any kind of clear consensus on what the storage capacity will be used for besides app and game storage space (and no official word from Apple on caching content capabilities), the new Apple TV ships in early November. If you’re thinking of pre-ordering, consider doing so via the AppleTalk affiliate link.

9to5Mac reports Apple has started a new repair process for iPhones at select Apple Stores in the US, Europe, and Japan, in an effort to reduce Genius Bar wait times. The new repair program sees iPhones being sent off to repair, instead of repairs being done in-house, provided the iPhone in question meets specific criteria (does not power on/connect to a computer), with Apple providing 16GB loan devices in the meantime.

AppleInsider says the first Apple Store in Singapore will open at Knightsbridge in 2016, which seems like a long time for the region to get its own Apple Store despite being a launch country alongside Hong Kong and Japan, which already have Apple Stores of their own.

9to5Mac also tells us how to get the look of the Hermès Apple Watch without forking out an exorbitant amount, which basically involves acquiring a third-party strap that looks like the Hermès one.

Macworld’s Glenn Fleishman investigates an issue with disappearing hard drive space after an upgrade to OS X El Capitan.

Ars Technica compares the Magic Trackpad and Magic Trackpad 2, looking past the features and seeing how it fares as an input device device that leads to less carpal tunnel than the alternatives.

MacStories’ Federico Vitcci says the iPhone 6s Plus is reshaping his iPhone experience. Just when we thought Apple couldn’t improve on the design or features of the iPhone, they come out with Live Photos and 3D Touch, which completely change the game along with other minor, but solid, iterative improvements.

Six Colors tells us how to clean out the Open With context menu, if you have duplicated options within.

IMore writes that the Beats Pill+ Bluetooth speaker is now available, but I’m not seeing on the Australian Apple Online Store. Perhaps it’s a US-only thing, for now.

Alf Watt worked on the Mac OS Wi-Fi client user experience from 2007 to 2012, and even he says there was only so much he could do to fix Wi-Fi issues from an OS-level perspective. Networking is just such a big can of worms that any kind of troubleshooting that doesn’t result in a total crapshoot is the exception, not the rule.

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