Tuesday Morning News

2After researchers discovered over 200 apps on the App Store that were collecting personal data, Apple responded by identifying the offending SDK used in the apps and will now be rejecting any apps using the Youmi SDK. The apps in question violated the App Store privacy policy by collecting email addresses, installed apps, serial numbers, and other identifying information that could have been used to track users.

After Apple poached several top engineers from an electric bike startup, Mission Motors was forced to shut down. You don’t really think how big corporations affect the little guys, but I’m sure anyone reading this would jump at the chance to work for Apple Corporate instead of a startup trying to find funding.

9to5Mac’s Benjamin Mayo put together a page on his blog that shows off the new slow-motion Apple TV screensavers, which include aerial footage of locations from around the globe in both day and night versions. The HD video streams directly from Apple’s servers (just like it will on your Apple TV), and even on my NBN-less connection it seems pretty smooth.

Also from 9to5Mac this morning is a piece wondering if Apple is getting too greedy, and if that will backfire on the company. Cost-cutting is being performed across every Apple product lineup, to the detriment of customers — or so the story goes.

Over at Macworld, Jason Snell says the Magic Trackpad 2 comes with the older-style Force Touch, instead of the newer 3D Touch as found on the latest iPhone. Not only that, but the Force Touch integration with OS X could do with a little work.

The license for OS X El Capitan has been translated to plain english by Robb Shecter, which reveals a number of interesting clauses, including the one prohibiting sale to Sudan. Yeah, I have no idea what that’s all about.

Stephen Hackett has notes on Notes, asking if all the new features are any good. “In a word, yes.”

Shawn Blanc tells us about the Apple Watch apps he’s using, of which there are very few. I think Apple Watch apps are in the minority when it comes to interacting with the Apple Watch, but maybe there’s some crazy guy doing as much as possible on his Apple Watch just so he (or she) feels like they’re from the future, or something.

Now that Live Photos can be used across all Apple platforms, Mac Kung Fu has some ready-made watch faces that feature small animations to go along with your Photos watch face. Getting them up and running requires following a few instructions, but should be easy enough.

If you were to separate out all the parts in iTunes into separate apps, what would they look like? At a guess, something like the concepts put forward by interface design students at a German university.

Notable Replies

  1. Love these. I also love the juxtaposition of architecture in London…really amazing

  2. kyte says:

    So… is there a list somewhere of the apps collecting personal info? How do I know, how does anyone know if they have, or have not, been compromised. Deleting the apps after hundreds have been downloaded just is not enough.

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