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ATVS_front_largeA transcript of Tim Cook’s words after yesterday’s earnings call has thoughts from the Apple CEO on Apple’s financial results, the launch of the iPhone 6s, Apple in China, as well as words about the iPhone upgrade program. It’s unsurprising that many questions were focused around new-vs-old iPhone users, the upgrade program, and so on, because Apple is the iPhone company now.

Quartz put Apple’s earnings into charts, putting the facts and figures into perspective. Of particular note: China is now a quarter of Apple’s total revenue, with sales in the region growing 99% year-on-year, Apple now has $207.5 billion in cash, while Apple sold more Macs than ever before, iPads are still on the decline.

People switching from Android represented 30% of iPhone buyers in Q4 2015, according to Apple statistics. It’s the highest ratio of switchers Apple has ever recorded, with Cook also clarifying that number was customers who upgraded from an Android device, not people who purchased an iPhone for the first time. Meanwhile, Apple has quietly built up a $25 billion business in the enterprise.

9to5Mac is reporting Apple Stores will be selling the new Apple TV on Friday, in case you didn’t get your pre-order in on time. Our own topic in the forums from Apple’s online live chat seems to suggest Australian Apple Stores may be a part of that, too.

Apple has rejected an app that used the 3D Touch feature in the new iPhone 6s as a digital scale for weighing objects. A cool use of the technology for sure, but apparently something Apple doesn’t want.

David Pogue writes about how he has ditched Evernote for Apple Notes, saying Evernote’s feature bloat has meant that it’s not as usable as it used to be, whereas refinements to Apple notes now mean it has hit the happy middle ground between feature-barren and bloated.

It isn’t the first app to be updated to support 3D Touch features, and Skype won’t be the last either. Skype’s latest iOS update also brings Snapchat-like filters to video, according to The Verge.

Luke Wroblewski shares the incredible number of setup screens it now takes you to setup an iPhone from scratch. The last time I counted how many taps it took, it was in the high 20-something range on iOS 8 (not including the taps to enter your wireless network password), and it looks like iOS 9 has added even more screens for anyone setting up a new iOS device to tap through.

Studio Neat has released a cool-looking Apple TV remote stand, in case the new Siri, wave-around-like-a-magic-wand remote is something that you can see yourself losing. That’s not saying that it’ll still manage to get lost in the couch or whatever, though.

Another day, another awesome Apple ad. Apple’s latest ad shows how the always-on hands-free Siri in the iPhone 6s means you can go through your emails without having to touch the screen, meaning you can respond to those Nigerian princes without having to lift a finger.

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  1. I used to love Evernote, but now every time I load it up it harasses me about paying for it, and it’s trying to become a corporate communication tool which is completely irrelevant to me. They took away email to Evernote and made it a premium feature too. Understandable, but it’s not the great little tool it used to be.

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