Thursday Morning News

BoxWorks15 - Tim Cook --17Apple has announced that starting today, Apple Music, the iBooks store, and iTunes movies will be available in China. As pointed out by The Verge, it’s a big move for one of Apple’s biggest markets, and Apple even says in its press release that local and international content will be offered via the three services.

Apple CEO Tim Cook talked to Box CEO Aaron Levie at BoxWorks 2015, where the two talked about Apple in the enterprise. Cook was willing to reveal that Apple doesn’t do verticals, so they have partnership with companies that do to make up where they fall short. Apple’s just getting started in the enterprise to the tune of $25 billion a year, Cook said.

Apple has released the second bug fix for iOS 9 in as many weeks, with iOS 9.0.2 dropping earlier this morning. The release fixes issues with iMessage activation, being unable to turn off mobile data usage, as well as issues to do with incorrect screen rotation when receiving notifications. MacRumors also notes a fix for a lock screen vulnerability that allowed Siri to access photos and contacts on a locked device.

Oh, and OS X El Capitan is also available for download from the Mac App Store. It’s a big one, but with Apple World Today describing the release as the Snow Leopard update to OS X Yosemite, you should be pretty safe to upgrade. If you’re a part of the public beta program, Apple has also released iOS 9.1 beta 3 to developers and public beta testers.

A separate release of Safari 9 for OS X Yosemite says Apple understands you’re not ready to update to El Cap just yet, but still want to have access to the new tab-muting features that are part of the new Safari.

Ars Technica details how a very simple exploit can bypass Gatekeeper on the Mac. The exploit works by using a file that’s already trusted by Gatekeeper, later executing potentially malicious (and completely untrusted) files that are hidden in the same folder.

I was beginning to wonder what this iPhone generation’s controversy would be, because, well, there always is one. Issues with the Touch ID sensor, 3D Touch, as well as speaker and power issues seem to be what we’re going for this time around, although I’ve heard so few issues I wonder how big these issues actually are.

While the new iPhone isn’t completely waterproof, it does demonstrate how minor changes to gaskets and silicon seals around liquid-sensitive components can help protect against water damage.

The Apple Store on Regent Street may be getting a bit of a revamp sooner rather than later, with the “tired and outdated” interior set to be revamped. The local council has approved the changes, and word has it construction has already begun.

OS X El Capitan might not bring the most groundbreaking changes ever to an OS X release, but the smaller features make it all the more adorable. Plus if you have a Retina display and can’t find your mouse cursor in amongst the vast sea of pixels, being able to shake your mouse to find it is incredibly useful.

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