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DKio4fJesVKSj3F6The first teardown of the new Apple TV comes courtesy of the folks at iFixit, who have taken apart Apple’s latest streaming box to see what lies beneath that glossy black exterior. The slightly-chunkier version of the Apple TV features a larger heat-sink towards the top, with the logic board below — and like other Apple products, Apple’s design prowess also extends to the interior of the device, which contains no wires to connect the power supply to the rest of the unit.

Reviews of the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are out, and the TechCrunch review is filled with GIFs to describe what it’s like to interact with the new features. Performance improvements mean everything feels snappier than ever before, while battery life stays the same despite marginally smaller battery capacity compared to previous models (there’s also less of a difference between non-Plus and Plus battery life). But the real stars of the show here are the 3D Touch and new camera features, including Live Photos: Macworld says the new interaction method will change how you do things on iOS, while Live Photos adds a little extra something to your stills that just wasn’t there before. Moving pictures are hardly new, and yet, Apple has implemented them in a way that’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Apple has released instructions on verifying your copy of Xcode following the discovery of malware-laden copies of Xcode downloaded from unauthorised sources. A few lines in Terminal is all it takes to ensure your copy of Xcode is from an official source (i.e. Apple), which ensures any software you develop and upload to the App Store doesn’t contain something potentially nasty.

With the release of watchOS 2 bringing native app support, there’s surprisingly few apps which either support third-party complications or native apps, let alone both. Hyperlocal weather app Dark Sky simply isn’t available in Australia, and what apps we do get aren’t the game-changers I was hoping for. Still, it’s early days yet, and if there are apps that you’re running on your wrist, I’d like to hear about them in our forums.

David Smith’s new Sleep++ app sets out to do the one thing the Apple Watch hasn’t done from the beginning, which is track your quality of sleep, now possible thanks to exposed accelerometer data to third-party apps in watchOS 2. But if you’re wearing your watch at night, where do you find the time to charge it? Smith’s solution is to charge it a couple of times per day, such as when you’re having a shower in the morning, or when you’re brushing your teeth at night.

Office 2016 for Mac is now available for standalone purchase. Like the version of Office 2016 that was released to Office 365 subscribers earlier this year, you’ll need to be running OS X Yosemite to run Office 2016 for the Mac, and Australian pricing starts at $179 for the Home and Student edition, or $299 for the version with Outlook.

Marco Ament says Apple are proactively refunding all purchases of Peace, even if you didn’t explicitly request a refund. It’s something that’s never happened before — certainly not to such a high-profile app — so the entire situation is kind of bizarre. The good news is, you’ll probably be able to keep using the app until it stops working.

Ben Brooks has a four-part series on iOS content blockers. Part one looks at which one is fastest, part two looks at the top three in a little more detail, part three checks out how much bandwidth you save, and part four is an explainer on how they work.

According to this Apple support doc, Telstra is the only Australian telco listed as being compatible with Voice-over-LTE for the iPhone 6 (or later). VoLTE means you can stay on the 4G network when you’re on a call, letting you get access to high-speed data and high-quality voice calls at the same time.

In other Apple support doc news, Apple’s page on using Digital Touch was updated to feature a Friends circle that Rickrolls you. The Verge says it’s a fairly recent addition too.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    There’s also App in the Air (pictures in tweet below).

    I can’t seem to get custom rules to work in 1Blocker. I create them at and send them to my phone, but Open In just results in an endless loading screen.

  2. For anyone thinking about Office 2016 I’ve found it a huge improvement over Office 2011, and it’s getting some really cool updates together with its iOS counterparts. Since 365 lets you install on 5 sets of computers and mobile devices we did a bit of a group buy using an eBay seller so it worked out quite inexpensive. If you’ve got a household with multiple computers, the standalone version won’t serve much good.

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