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downloadToday’s rumour roundup of Apple’s upcoming event comes from MacRumors, who give us a run-down of everything that we’re expecting. Yes, there will be new iPhones. Yes, there will be a new Apple TV. IPads and Apple Watch-related products are a little less certain (it’s highly possible Apple will just update the Online Store for new Apple Watch bands, instead of making a big song and dance about it on stage), but either way, we’ll see bright and early tomorrow morning.

Over at Daring Fireball, John Gruber has his own predictions on what we’ll be seeing unveiled on stage. Depending on which of the rumour blogs you read and what you think will be announced on-stage, you might think that Apple’s event will be a blockbuster, two-hour event to rival even the launch of Apple Music – but going off the event from the previous year, Gruber isn’t expecting new iPads. According to him, it’ll just be the new iPhone, Apple Watch news, and then a new Apple TV. Boom.

TechCrunch has a piece on what they believe will be included as cornerstone features of the next iPhone. Faster internals and a better camera are all on the menu, as is the new-to-iPhone feature of Force Touch, perhaps even a taptic engine for haptic feedback. It’s also possible we’ll see something Siri-related, given the invite’s teaser message.

You may have heard the Apple TV will be doing something for casual gaming, but Ars Technica says the Apple TV faces the same problems as other so-called “microconsoles”. They’re right in saying that low-cost gaming might be a niche market, but with the Apple TV’s added media capabilities, perhaps it will succeed where others have failed. Touch Arcade also makes the case against Apple TV gaming.

An Apple TV SDK has been all but confirmed, with the news Twitter are making a Periscope app for the Apple TV. Periscope’s live-streaming capabilities mean anyone can have their own TV show, whether it’s of them making an epic sandwich, or just filming their cat doing something suspiciously cat-like.

Renders of a future Apple TV and remote based on the look and feel of the iPhone certainly take the rounded corners thing and run with it, but I’m not actually a big fan of the look. It just doesn’t seem to suit something that’s designed to be an indiscreet box connected to your TV/entertainment system.

One Apple patent says we might eventually get Kinect-like gesture control for the Mac. Controlling your Mac via gestures today is already possible, thanks to products like the Leap.

If you’re thinking of starting a new podcast, Marco Arment has published a microphone mega-review, evaluating a whole bunch of models so you don’t have to. Audio samples are included, as a rough prices.

AppleInsider checks out a USB cable that’s 10 metres long and transmits the signal via optical technology rather than electrical signals. It doesn’t need any fancy equipment as it does it all in-cable, and it even appears to be more flexible than traditional optical cables with glass cores.

The MacBook Air is currently in a strange place. In terms of portability and the trade-off between power and battery life, it’s the best laptop out there — but thanks to the new MacBook, The Verge writes the MacBook Air is on a path to extinction.

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  1. tcn33 says:

    IMO it’s very wishful thinking to expect that Apple TV will get greatly expanded capability and become thinner as well. This isn’t incremental change like iPhone 5 to 6. I’m tipping it will be very similar to now, only thicker.

  2. Younge says:

    Awesome! Just (re-)discovered Benny Ling’s daily news! Happy days! :smiley:

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