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appletv-livejon_samsung_es8000_frontWhile we’re waiting for Apple to come up with the goods at its event next week, a concept of the new UI on the Apple TV keeps a similar grid of apps on the Apple TV, but changes things up in menus and lists elsewhere for a more modern look. There’s touches of the frosted glass that Apple seems to be fond of using, as well as beautiful edge-to-edge images for when your TV isn’t being used to watch TV shows and movies.

Rumour has it Apple were looking into producing its own original TV series, much like Netflix does with some of its own content. Variety is reporting Apple discussed original video programming with Hollywood executives, potentially as a drawcard for Apple’s streaming video service, if that ever becomes a thing, but either way: original programming would mean Apple competing with Netflix, as well as the likes of Amazon and Hulu. A separate report from Re/Code says Apple even considered hiring ESPN reporter Bill Simmons to produce an audio podcast.

Apple has plans for a new kind of Retail Store design. As described by AppleInsider, the new store layout isn’t actually that different to existing designs, but appears to combine the floor-to-ceiling glass panels of more recent Retail Stores with the natural light of other locations. It’s reported the first such Apple Store will debut in Tennessee, where the 20th Apple Store will move to a different location.

A new Apple patent may one day see your iPhone or iPad becoming a mobile smoke detector. The patent leverages the portable nature of mobile devices for personal smoke detection, which has a number of advantages over fixed-location devices.

In case you thought Apple weren’t working on a secret car project, recent hires as revealed by MacRumors should sway you even more. Former Tesla and Texas Instruments engineers have made the jump in recent weeks.

Apple World Today says the killer Apple Watch app, for the time being (if you’ll pardon the pun), is Shazam. But as someone who doesn’t use apps explicitly on the Apple Watch and finds glances all the interaction I need, I know there are good Watch apps out there. It’s just a matter of using them, right?

In unsurprising news, software from an adware and unwanted app software development company has been caught accessing your Mac’s Keychain without your permission, potentially trying to take a look at your passwords or other personal info. Genieo’s software is very sneaky about the whole thing, proving once again that the only defence is a good offence. Wait, no. Constant vigilance!

MacStories has a beginner’s guide to the various App Store pricing tiers, in case you wondered why the rest of the internet raved about 99-cent apps but Australians were only privy to prices for a brief period.

9to5Mac checks out the Adonit Jot Dash, an electronic stylus that isn’t too thick or too heavy.

TouchArcade has a review of Zoombinis, a title I didn’t realise had launched on iOS and spent a lot of hours in the library playing as a kid. The animations may be old hat compared to more recent titles, but kids these days don’t know how well they have it, anyway. Zoombinis is $6.49 on the Australian App Store.

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