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clockkit-imageThe Wall Street Journal reports Apple is accelerating its car project, with plans for it to be ready by 2019. Thanks to the Journal, we also know that it won’t be driverless as originally rumoured, but with permission granted to triple the 600-strong team currently assigned to the project, Apple’s electric vehicle is now full stream ahead.

With the release of watchOS 2 earlier this morning, that means the reviews are out. The MacStories review of watchOS 2 makes special mention of the Adelaide-developed Streaks app when discussing the integration of third-party complications to your favourite watch face, but also points out the strangeness of Apple’s decision to promote complications and yet not have them available in half of the available watch faces, including on some of the prettier photo-based ones.

Over at Six Colors, Jason Snell says watchOS 2 brings useful features like Nightstand Mode to the Apple Watch, but the thing you’ll be getting the most out of is the improvements to third-party apps. Third-party apps now get access to on-board hardware as well as being able to run mostly on the Apple Watch rather than relying on an iPhone. Very few third-party apps support these new features in watchOS 2, but I’m sure we’ll see plenty of apps do so soon enough.

One of iMore’s favourite watchOS 2 features is the ability to add more default replies from the Apple Watch, letting you brush off friends easier than ever before. If you liked the Modular clock face before, you’ll love the improvements to it in watchOS 2, and keeping the screen on longer for demos of your favourite watchOS 2 features is pretty great also, I guess.

You’ll note that watchOS 2 requires an iPhone running iOS 9, but judging by the adoption stats, that shouldn’t be a problem. Less than a week after the release of iOS 9, adoption on devices is already at 50%.

Apple has confirmed the Chinese App Store was infected with a number of apps which contained malware. The XcodeGhost malware infected 39 apps, thanks to developers downloading an compromised version of Xcode to build and run their apps with — all because downloading Xcode from Apple’s official servers was slow. MacRumors’ summary of the XcodeGhost malware says device infomation was sent back to a server, with the potential to phish for additional credentials such as iCloud logins.

An in-depth unboxing and hands-on with the new Apple TV from 9to5Mac gives us a better look at the interface, as well as the tidbit that you’ll be able to pair Bluetooth headphones and speakers with the device, as well as a special night mode that doesn’t actually change the all-white interface, but instead boosts the speech while quieting music and sound effects.

Apple has seeded OS X 10.11.1 El Capitan to members of its public beta program, just days after developers gained access to the same build. OS X El Capitan is due to be released to the general public next week, if you’re not already running the public beta.

The latest ad for Apple Music, as tweeted by the Apple Music Twitter account, poses its “For You” personalised playlist as the “instant boyfriend mixtape service”.

Ars Technica takes a look at a topic every parent from the last couple of years knows well, namely using the iPad as a child-distraction device. Through research and studies, they attempt to answer the question: is the iPad digital daycare for your children, an empowering educational device, or something bad?

Notable Replies

  1. tcn33 says:

    I did not know about this! Excellent. Currently the temperature (11 degrees) is blue - does it change colour when it warms up?

    From the linked Ars Technica story:

    Hallelujah! Some actual common sense.

  2. alfrsr says:

    It’s 22 here currently and still blue…

    I’m unreasonably excited about this bit. It’ll mean I can watch the next keynote at 3 in the morning, on my TV with headphones on :smiley:

  3. Great video! I can’t wait to find out if we can install different stores apps on the one screen like we can with iOS. Fingers crossed.

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