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ipad-mini-4-primary-100613748-largeApple told CNBC overnight that it is on pace to beat last year’s first-weekend iPhone sales record. Last time around the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus sold 10 million units in the first weekend, mostly thanks to the introduction of two new form factors. Meanwhile, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says there will be constraints on iPhone 6s Plus models due to display manufacturing difficulties. A cursory glance at the Apple Online Store says he’s correct: iPhone 6s Plus units are on a 3-4 week delay, while most iPhone 6s models will still ship on September 25th as planned.

We now have official confirmation from Xcode that the iPad Pro does have 4GB of RAM on-board, confirming a previous leak from Adobe which said the same thing. 4GB of RAM means the iPad Pro will be able to handle whatever kind of side-by-side multitasking you’re doing, as well as future-proofing the device somewhat.

After the Apple event last week, Logitech announced it had been working closely with Apple to develop an iPad Pro keyboard of their own, and the Logitech Create will surely be the first third-party keyboard available that takes advantage of the Smart Connector for power and data. The Create will be out in November, around the same time as the iPad Pro itself.

VLC has joined Plex in saying they’ll be bringing some form of VLC to the Apple TV. Plex can handle streaming your media library for you, but if you have video files in some esoteric format, VLC can probably handle them were Apple’s native player can’t.

The iPad mini lineup confuses me a little. Apple seem content with putting last year’s tech into this year’s model, and the iPad mini 4 is no different, featuring an A8 SoC. But Macworld says the mini 4 is thinner and lighter than its predecessor, with the same camera as the iPad Air 2. Plus, it will also support all the side-by-side multitasking coming as part of iOS 9, which should be out on Thursday.

There’s an emerging trend between Apple and law enforcement in the US, where law enforcement asks Apple to turn over text message between suspects, and Apple responds that it cannot comply due to the encrypted nature of the messages. The New York Times reports how technology is increasingly becoming a roadblock to investigations, due to increased security from the likes of Apple and Google.

David Smith says that 16GB is a bad user experience. If you take photos or video with your 16GB device, it will fill up, and with almost half of his customers purchasing devices at the entry-level storage tier, free space is at a premium on those devices compared to ones with 64GB of space or more. Remember, folks: friends don’t let friends buy 16GB devices.

In the comparison between the Apple Pencil and a Wacom Cintiq, Linda Dong writes that the Apple Pencil wins in all the usability stakes: stylus design, surface design, and actual drawing usage. But maybe that doesn’t matter when designers don’t use iPads to do any of their actual designing, as told by Wired — at least not yet, anyway.

Paper by FiftyThree quietly became available on the iPhone sometime over the last week. It’s free, on the App Store.

Touch Arcade says EA quietly removed some truly iconic classics from the App Store over the weekend. Among the titles removed are classics such as Flight Control, Real Racing, a couple of Spore titles, and more. It’s sad, especially when they could have left them up in an unsupported state for others to enjoy.

Notable Replies

  1. Aside from brainstorming ideas, which I think can be done on an iPad with some change of habits, the glaringly obvious flaw to graphic designers is that you cannot colour calibrate an iPad and to most designers colour accuracy is paramount.

    I’m actually surprised at the article. Everyone who has gone paperless found it hard at the start until new habits formed. Of course using an iPad won’t feel as efficient right away.

  2. palais says:

    That Paper app is pretty sweet. Anyone used their Pencil?

  3. leon says:

    I have an older Spyder2 calibration dongle. When the version 3 and 4 unit came out, one of the big deals to get me to upgrade was the ability to calibrate iPad screens. You have to view your pictures etc within their Spyder Gallery app, but it does work.
    Their competitors offer similar products (XRite, ColorMunky)

    Is the level of calibration you are referring to, the fact that you can make a profile on the iPad and have it applied across the entire system (removing the need for a viewer app)?

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