Tuesday Morning News

20150608philips_hue_homekitThe latest on the larger-screened iPad is that it is currently a little behind schedule. That means instead of Apple’s usual, “here it is and you can buy it in two weeks”, 9to5Mac are saying the device will likely be available for pre-order in October, shipping in late November. The larger-screened iPad is also said to start with 64GB of storage, with the device running iOS 9.1, coming with a 12.9-inch display, and will be sold separately to its keyboard and stylus accessories. Whether it’ll actually be named “iPad Pro” is still anyone’s guess.

A new rumour claims the iPhone refresh later this week will have a higher resolution display, coming out at 488ppi for the smaller iPhone and 460ppi for the larger iPhone. Compared to the current 326ppi and 401ppi, it’s somewhat unusual for Apple to be including a higher-resolution display in the middle of an iPhone refresh, but perhaps this time around Apple knows something we don’t. Either way, I guess we’ll see in a couple of days.

Apple has been hiring for a new machine learning project, a branch of AI that takes previous experiences into account in order to offer services based on the current context. Reuters is saying this new machine learning push is to challenge Google, perhaps to make a more intelligent Siri that takes cards out of Google Now (if you’ll pardon the pun).

Putting aside the reviews raving about how good the Sorkin-penned biopic of Steve Jobs is, it has gotten the stamp of approval from The Woz. Woz watched an earlier cut of the film, and he said he felt “like he was watching Steve Jobs” — which is very high praise indeed.

Did you hear the one about Angela Ahrendts, Apple SVP of Retail and Online Stores, who said the Apple Watch could be used by students without a teacher seeing? Everyone jumped to the conclusion that Ahrendts was encouraging cheating, but 9to5Mac, who reported the story, says it’s more of a convenience thing — or maybe a romance one, if John Gruber’s fantasies are anything to go by.

A tip from Reddit lets you enable the iOS charging audio cue on your Mac. It’s a pretty neat trick — I’ve tested it out on my own machine and it seems to work fine.

Sometimes you have to dig a little deeper into why your Wi-Fi coverage isn’t as good as you’d like, and over at TidBits, Glenn Fleishman writes up two OS X apps that can map out your Wi-Fi signal and identify weak spots.

Phillips have previously said that the Hue-range of colour-changing, smartphone-connected lightbulbs will be HomeKit-compatible via a bridge device, and The Mac Observer says a light retailer in the Netherlands showed off Phillips’ bridge earlier than planned. Oops!

Apple World Today went behind the scenes at MacPaw, a Ukranian Mac development company, in an attempt to answer why Eastern Europe is such a popular hub for Mac developers.

Touch Arcade has a review of Lara Croft Go, a turn-based puzzler that’s not too dissimilar from the excellent Hitman Go, only with more terrain variation.

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