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sidebysiderl3Spring is upon us, and it brings with it a new Apple partnership in the enterprise. Apple has partnered with Cisco to optimise Cisco networks for iOS devices and apps. According to Apple’s press release, that means iPhone will be integrated into Cisco environments and Cisco will be providing unique collaboration on iPhone and iPad devices. Following Apple’s enterprise partnership with IBM (and the seriously good apps that have come out of that), this new partnership will be similarly important moving forward.

A case of malware on iOS has reportedly stolen almost a quarter of a million Apple ID credentials, but here’s the thing: for one, the KeyRaider malware only affects jailbroken devices, and for another, most of the Apple ID accounts it has stolen come from China. As long as you don’t fall into one of those two baskets you’re probably OK, but you might want to check you’ve got two-factor authentication turned on for your Apple ID, just in case.

News from 9to5Mac on the Apple TV front says the new Apple TV will have major focuses on gaming and Siri. It’s entirely possible we’ll see support for Bluetooth game controllers on the new Apple TV, which, along with the device’s rumoured SDK, might mean we’ll see console-quality games on the big screen sooner, rather than later.

Apple has seeded the eighth developer beta of OS X El Capitan to developers, which coincides with the release of the sixth public beta. The updates are available via the usual sources.

After being rumoured, Android Wear smartwatches are now compatible with iOS devices. Google’s Android Wear iOS companion app is now rolling out to an App Store near you, and although there’s an official list of devices compatible (only one of which is actually available for purchase today), reports say there are devices that aren’t on the list that are compatible.

A new round of Apple products are hitting obsolete status, and this time around, the original Apple TV and a number of iPod generations are all biting the dust as of September 8.

AppleInsider reports Apple has hired Microsoft’s former lead audio engineer from its HoloLens team, which either means Apple are looking into augmented reality technology for its own, or absolutely nothing at all.

IMore’s Rene Ritchie explains iOS 9 content blocking, saying that they’re not designed primarily to be ad blockers, even though that’s what most people will be using them for.

MacRumors’ review of the iHome SmartPlug is a HomeKit-compatible accessory that works pretty well. It works by turning a regular power point into one that can be controlled by Siri, and although we’ve had devices like this for years in Belkin’s WeMo range, the SmartPlug is one of the first HomeKit-compatible devices.

Over at the Telegraph, former Apple CEO John Sculley’s take on Steve Jobs is that he was “misrepresented in popular culture”, with people tending to focus on Jobs’ infamous tyrannical nature when in fact, Jobs could also be the complete opposite. I guess the latter just isn’t as click-worthy.

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  1. palais says:

    Meh, these enterprise partnerships are boring. Now if Apple had partnered with Sisqo they might be on to something…

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