Thursday Morning News

Just Press Record iconApple released iOS 9.0.1 earlier this morning, an update which seems to contain purely bug fixes for the first version of iOS 9. The update resolves issues such as not being able to complete the setup assistant after ugprading, issues with timers and alarms possibly not playing in some cases, and more.

Similarly, Apple has also released new developer betas of iOS 9.1, tvOS, and Xcode 7.1. While you’ll need to be one of the chosen few to run the new tvOS beta, the new version of iOS 9.1 contains new emoji (and officially, Apple News for Australia and other countries), with iOS 9.1 also slated to be the official launch version of iOS for the iPad Pro when it makes its debut in November.

John Gruber’s review of the new iPhones says that although they don’t look new, almost everything about the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is new. There’s new aluminium, new internal components and layout, and the changes combined with the all new software features – 3D Touch, Live Photos, that kind of jazz — means that although storage capacities are unchanged from last year’s models, “everything else is noticeably, tangibly, improved”.

While we’ll be able to pick up our new iPhones tomorrow, Apple has warned New York residents that their iPhone deliveries may be delayed due a visit from the Pope. When certain people can’t get their new iPhones on time because a visit from a religious figurehead is shutting down most of the city, I think about what a world we live in.

More App Store apps that have been affected by the XcodeGhost malware have been discovered. As reported by Ars Technica, the bad news is that more apps have been discovered to have been infected by a compromised version of Xcode, but the good news is that the malware is more akin to adware than malware, with no personally identifying information having been affected in any way by the compromised apps.

Apple’s Phil Schiller has said they will be making Xcode available for download on Chinese servers, which should alleviate the primary issue of why third-parties were re-hosting Xcode in the first place. Apple has also said they’ll be releasing a list of the top 25 apps affected by the XcodeGhost malware, which may or may not include a fake Angry Birds 2 clone.

If you want to use Office on the iPad Pro, Microsoft has said you’ll need a tray Office 365 subscription to do so. While the Office suite on iOS devices currently offer basic editing features without an Office 365 subscription, those features will go away once Office is installed on an iPad Pro.

The Fantastical 2.1 for Mac update brings compatibility with OS X El Capitan, including support for El Capitan’s split-screen view. There’s plenty of other minor changes and improvements, so check out the full release notes for more info.

IMore has a list of the best third-party Apple Watch complications so far. I actually prefer using complications to native apps, because it means I can get information without having to go digging, since it’s right there on whatever watch face I’m choosing to use.

MacStories tells us about Just Press Record, a native Apple Watch app which is exactly what it says on the tin: a voice-recording app for the Apple Watch. There’s iCloud Drive integration for your recordings, which can even be recorded and played back without the need for an internet connection, thanks to the inbuilt microphone and speaker on the Apple Watch.

Over at Six Colors, Jason Snell tells us about what he’s using his Apple Watch for. Notifications are cool and all, but once developers get on board with complications and native apps, I think we’ll really start to see the Apple Watch come into its own.

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