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lunatik_epik_partsTrusted sources speaking to 9to5Mac have let slip that Apple will be revealing the larger-screened iPad at the event next week. The rumour comes contrary to previous speculation which said the “iPad Pro” would be releasing after due to the existence of web analytics with iOS 9.1 in conjunction with a higher resolution iPad display. As with all rumours near Apple events, time will tell whether this one pans out or not.

9to5Mac also has the scoop on the fourth-generation Apple TV hardware. They say it will feature the same A8 chip found in the iPhone 6 series, come in 8GB and 16GB capacities, with the same ports as the current model. It’ll also have a black remote instead of the current aluminium, and interestingly enough, no support for 4K video.

BuzzFeed are reporting a universal search feature will be making its way to the Apple TV, allowing you to search for content across a variety of streaming video services. There’s no word on whether this will extend to web-based streaming services, but with native apps rumoured to be coming to the Apple TV, you might be able to get Australian streaming video services on there after all.

Technical issues have been plaguing the in-cell touch digitiser used by Apple in its iPhone displays, prompting this new rumour which claims Apple will be moving back to glass-to-glass technology for touch sensors.

The Apple Watch Sport Band might not be the flashiest strap for your Apple Watch, but compared to some of the pricier alternatives, it’s definitely offers great value for money. New colours of the Sport Band are expected to be released any day now, and I’d love to see what choices will become available.

A piece from AppleInsider says that Apple Music may be the precursor to any kind of Apple streaming video service. It’s a fairly logical assumption – one subscription service begets another, and if true, Apple may be using Music as an experiment to see how successful a streaming service will be.

Weirdly, The Mac Observer and Apple World Today say the iPod touch is excellent. The iPod touch may not have the same hardware refresh priority as the iPhone, but there’s still plenty of life left in a device that seemingly has no competitors.

Another day, another Kickstarter for an Apple Watch stand. The xylum looks good enough, but the position of the Australian dollar means it’s kind of expensive.

Macworld says the time is right for an Apple stylus, despite what Steve Jobs said way back when. Larger screens will mean you might want a little extra reach, and a stylus could make all the difference for writing on the display.

MacRumors checks out the Lunatik Epik Apple Watch kit, which encases your Apple Watch for more ruggedness. Like most protective cases, it also adds quite a bit of bulk.

Notable Replies

  1. tcn33 says:

    The $49 early bird options are somewhat reasonable…

  2. avolve says:

    The xylum looks like the best design I have seen, by far.

    I don’t (as yet?) have a watch, and tempted to get in on the early bird option just in case…

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