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With all the new shiny set to be revealed this Thursday morning, now is as good a time as any to mention that you can support AppleTalk by making your Apple Online Store purchases via our affiliate link.

Benny and I launched AppleTalk just over 17 months ago as a site where Australian Apple enthusiasts could come together and talk about our shared love of all things Cupertino.

At the moment, we’re still running AppleTalk out of our own pockets — we’re doing this for love, not profit. That said, making the site self-sustaining has been a goal since day one. We have explored sponsored posts and looked at Patreon sponsorships – while we’re not quite ready to go down those paths just yet, the easiest way you can support AppleTalk right now is to buy stuff from the Apple Online Store using our affiliate link. Like many affiliate links, it doesn’t cost you any extra, and it’d mean the world to us if you did. Plus, you get the warm fuzzy feeling that your rampant consumerism is helping support a website you enjoy reading.

Thanks for taking the ride with us, and here’s to many more keynotes to come.

Notable Replies

  1. I don’t suppose you have an affiliate link for the app store if that’s even possible?

  2. Is it just adding &at=11lGFv to the end of every app url? If so I can do that myself any time I want to buy an app.

  3. kyte says:

    aha! So thats how you do it. :slight_smile: So when I send a link to a friend or three for a particular app, I could include that too? (and yes I would tell them)

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