Review: Twelve South HiRise for Apple Watch

12S_HiRiseAppleWatch_Family_HiResStands for the Apple Watch are a category that’s gone from 0-100 in a hurry – for a while there, it seemed like there was a new Kickstarter every week for a revolutionary new take. But I was waiting for one thing: to see what Twelve South would do. They didn’t disappoint. 

The HiRise for Apple Watch extends the series begun with the HiRise for iPhone to Apple’s wearable. Looks-wise, the HiRise for Apple Watch (henceforth just the HiRise) is a close match for its iPhone cousin. It’s a slightly sloped metallic base with an angled pillar that holds the Watch. The charging cable is integrated into the stand for a very clean end result. The pillar has a cutout which accommodates the Watch band – it’s edged with silicone to protect metal bands from coming into contact with the brushed metal of the pillar. There’s also a leather strip behind the pillar (part of the charging cable integration) for the band to rest on.


In terms of the construction, Twelve South seems to have learned some lessons from the iPhone version. That stand has the cord integration on the underside, so its cover is prone to popping loose every time you move the stand. With the Watch version, the leather strip is on the top side so it remains firmly in place. The other big difference is that the Watch charging cable can be removed quickly and easily when needed; on the iPhone stand, removing the Lightning cable requires disassembly. (Though to be fair, most people have more than one Lightning cable.)

If there’s a downside to the HiRise, it’s that it was designed and released before the existence of Nightstand Mode. While it can accommodate the Watch being attached in landscape orientation, it’s clearly not the designed usage and the Watch is prone to wobbling to one side or the other. To be fair, this is true for virtually every Watch stand out there – but it’s a consideration if you’re planning to use this as a bedside stand.


That’s a minor quibble though, and it shouldn’t distract from the thrust of this review: the HiRise is, like its iPhone equivalent, the best stand available for the Apple Watch.

HiRise for Apple Watch is available from the Australian distributor Try and Byte or via the Apple Store.

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  1. I have the HiRise iPhone stand and love it, I actually ordered a second one for work but haven’t put it together as I haven’t needed to charge the phone during the day since I stopped using it as a hotspot.

    I looked at one of these then cheaped out and bought a $3 eBay special that’s made of plastic. It’s total crap and hasn’t been used and I’m looking at this one again, the comment about night mode is a good one and probably the only reason I’m holding off pulling the trigger at the moment.

  2. I’ve got the Elevation Lab Night Stand. Look out for a review of that one… whenever Apple decide to release watchOS 2 :stuck_out_tongue:

  3. I’m not saying my promise to review something made Apple release watchOS 2 overnight, but I’m not, not-saying it, either.

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