August 2015

Monday Morning News

apple-event-invite-sep-9-2015Apple has sent out invites for its next media event, with the teaser line of “Hey Siri, give us a hint”. The event will happen on September 9 in the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco. As usual, that’s 3am on September 10th for us Aussies, and Apple has already confirmed they’ll be streaming the event live via their website or on Apple TV. The craziest rumour says we could see an Apple Car announcement, and further crystal ball gazing on the part of Apple World Today says other Siri improvements are also on the cards. As for the actual rumours, well, you’ll find them after the break.

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Mid-Week News

While Benny is on a well-deserved holiday, I’ll be looking after the news – bear with me until normal service resumes.

In an unusual move, Apple has killed Schrödinger’s MVNO by explicitly denying it is working on such a thing. Business Insider had previously reported that Apple were in talks to lease network capacity from an established operator and sell directly to consumers in the US and Europe. The company normally does not comment on rumour, much less issue unambiguous denials like this. One to keep an eye on.

In a world first, Telstra appears to have confirmed carrier billing is available for Apple Music. New and recontracting customers will receive a free 12-month subscription; after this point, Telstra will bill the customer directly for the ongoing subscription by linking their Telstra account to an Apple ID. No word on whether this will be an available option for other telcos, either here or elsewhere in the world.

In other Telstra news, the telco has announced a partnership with Roku for their Telstra TV service launching in September. The Roku 2 will be used to deliver access to streaming platforms and other applications yet to be confirmed. The set-top box in use will be the current version released in April 2015; the internals are identical to the simultaneously-released Roku 3, which differs only in its remote having additional capabilities.

My favourite software house Panic have released a huge update to their Status Board app for iPad. The design has been updated and several new panel types have been added. The app is now free with the new panel types available via in-app purchase; however, these are free for existing users.

Finally, there are new betas of OS X 10.11 El Capitan available in both developer and public flavours. Hit up Software Update to get yours.

The featured image above is from Panic and Campo Santo’s upcoming game Firewatch, which I’m really looking forward to.

Good Reads for July, 2015

Every month, we’ll be bringing you a selection of the best, if slightly longer, reads from around the web about the wonderful world of Apple. Sometimes we’ll feature think pieces on how Apple is (or isn’t) doomed, other times it will be some good old fashioned analysis of Apple’s latest product, strategy, or service. Bring your own Instapaper account, because this is Good Reads.

  • Neil Cybart of Above Avalon took one look at Apple’s latest financials and came to one conclusion: the iPhone is taking over Apple. July marked the eighth anniversary of Apple’s revolutionary mobile phone, widescreen iPod with touch controls, and a breakthrough internet communications device, and with over 726 million iPhones sold, the iPhone-train doesn’t look like its slowing down anytime soon.

From a financial and business perspective, the iPhone is the only product that matters. The iPhone is amassing so much power at Apple, it is difficult to imagine any product being able to dramatically surpass the iPhone in terms of importance over the next five years. Apple will be the iPhone company for the foreseeable future, and that classification introduces opportunities and risks that Apple will need to navigate over the coming years.

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