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apple-camp-day-one-garageband2Ars Technica’s review of the sixth generation iPod touch says it’s a device that has been mostly overshadowed by the iPhone, but still has its uses. While the internals of the latest iPod touch might be of the same calibre as its iPhone relatives, the iPod touch just lacks hardware compared to the iPhone: there’s no vibration motor, ambient light sensor, GPS, or flash. Still, it’s unlike any other music player in its category, and it’s amazing to think that after all these years, there’s still no real iPod touch competitor.

Research from Wristly says early Apple Watch adopters have been motivated to make healthier lifestyle changes, taking advantage of the fitness and tracking features of the Apple Watch. Perhaps there’s some sort of nerd trait that says we just have to fill those activity circles or be deemed a failure, but I’ve been finding myself going for walks just to get those activity rings filled.

A redesign of the Apple Watch interface considers the three priorities of Apple Watch UI: notifications, glances, and then apps. While there might be different ways to accomplish the same task, that doesn’t exactly create the best possible user experience — and with the same UI for apps and glances, why does the former (or the latter) have to exist at all?

The New York Post says Apple are progressing in their talks for an app that might be the subscription TV killer, reporting that Apple’s discussions with the ABC, CBS, NBC, and Fox networks in the US are progressing nicely. One source reports the platform, whatever Apple has up its sleeve for the next big thing, is ready for prime time.

AppleInsider takes a look at the improvements to Notification Centre in iOS 9. Notifications are now sorted by date and time, and it’s now much easier to clear out notifications from a particular day or previous days. There’s also a new battery widget, which shows the battery life on your iPhone and Apple Watch, if paired.

9to5Mac adds their voice to the pile, saying that iTunes is now so clunky that it needs to be nuked from orbit. I’ve previously said iTunes needs a redesign like Apple did for Photos earlier this year, but it’s possible that iTunes now does so much that its complexity has outstripped what a simple iPhoto->Photos redesign would achieve.

An explainer on iMore about Apple Music licensing tells us why Beats 1 shows won’t be released as podcasts. While that might mean you miss out on something you wanted to listen to (such is radio, after all), rebroadcasts of previously-aired shows means there’s a good chance you’ll get to listen to stuff again.

Over at Touch Arcade, one app developer is switching back from in-app purchases to a paid-for model. Their experiment simply didn’t work as well as they wanted, despite the general advice being that if you want to make money, you need to adopt the freemium model.

IMore covers the fun and games that is Apple Camp, a three-day course for kids run at Apple Stores for 90 minutes per day.

Apple’s latest Apple Watch ads show off music, fitness, and travel apps, and the Loop says their choice of apps seems a little strange.

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