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apple_watch_green_primary-100573429-largeWhen Apple kept the 16GB storage tier but ditched the 32GB, pretty much everyone though it was a strange move. Why not ditch the 16GB and start the storage capacity at 32GB instead? A new rumour claims they might be doing just that with the release of the next iPhone, with this year’s iPhone refresh to drop the 16GB capacity and start from 32GB.

I wasn’t expecting an Apple Watch review from Anandtech, but now that’s it’s here I’m glad that we get the in-depth look at the Apple Watch from a technology perspective. Sure, there’s words on the bands and how they work, but in true Anandtech style, there’s benchmarks of things I didn’t think were even possible to be benchmarked.

Customer satisfaction among Apple Watch early adopters sits at 97%, which is the highest of any first-generation Apple product ever released — although I’m not sure if that last part is because first-gen Apple products have a history of being “worse” than their subsequent generations, or because the Apple Watch is particularly brilliant. Either way, insight from Ben Bajarin says this may be skewed towards the crowd that doesn’t wait for reviews.

Perhaps one of the reasons Apple Watch has such high customer satisfaction ratings is because of how personal it is. Even if you don’t subscribe to the John Gruber teenage romance theory, choosing the order of your glances is personal. Setting up and customising watch faces is personal. And of course, there are the digital touch features that make communication more personal than ever.

The New York Times says there are some big names who are adopting a wait-and-see approach to the Apple Watch, Facebook being one to sit back and figure out how to deliver the quintessential Facebook experience on such a small screen. The Watch might be great for notifications, but developing apps for it that make sense is hard.

We’ll likely get some more information about Apple Watch sales on tomorrow’s quarterly earnings call, but for now, analysts seem stumped about how many Apple Watch units have been sold. The figures range from 3 to 6 million, with the average sitting around 4 million units sold.

AppleInsider reports more than 80% of people that listen to podcasts use Apple devices to do so, and research from audio platform Clammr says that of those 80%, nearly all of them use Apple’s pre-installed Podcasts app. That seems high given the prevalence of great third-party podcasts apps, but then again, I guess there’s something to be said for being included out of the box.

The saga between Apple Retail employees and Apple for unpaid hours due to bag checks continues, with a federal judge ruling that Apple must defend a class-action lawsuit against themselves.

Apple released iTunes 12.2.1 which said it fixed issues relating to library metadata and files showing as having Apple Music status, and Kirk McElhearn has the full explanation of what went wrong over on his blog.

IMore says the best way to fix Wi-Fi issues is to disconnect from Wi-Fi, but not turn off Wi-Fi altogether.

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