Tuesday Morning News

iPhone-6s-Schematic-Engadget-Japan-800x602A rumour claims the next Apple event to launch the new iPhone will happen on Friday, September 11th, but a quick debunk from 9to5Mac says that’s pretty unlikely. Leaving aside the awkwardness of September 11th for Americans, having an Apple event on a Friday is also fairly unusual. While there’s a pretty good chance Foxconn supply chain sources have nailed the announce and then release a week later, there’s plenty to suggest the date is wrong.

It’s been rumoured the next iPhone will look identical to the current model, and now, schematics suggest the new iPhone could in fact be slightly thicker. The extra 0.2mm increase will be to accomodate the Force Touch sensor, although you’d think that if we were going to see this feature introduced with the next iPhone, developers would have pointed out Force Touch APIs in iOS 9 by now. Everything else about the design of the new iPhone will remain unchanged, according to schematics.

Apple is looking to revamp its selection of third-party accessories in Apple Retail Stores, and part of that will be making changes to product packaging to align more closely with Apple’s own packaging. 9to5Mac reports Apple has been working with accessory manufacturers to design product packaging that looks more similar to Apple’s, even though it will still feature third-party brands on the outside.

Business Insider says Apple has been testing a larger iPad for years, with their sources saying Apple has been testing a 12-inch iPad ever since about 2012. The larger iPad prototype wasn’t a fully functioning unit, but was more of a demo that ran a few basic tests to see if a larger screen would still be usable — while the larger-screened iPad has been rumoured for months now, there’s still nothing from Apple to suggest they’ll ever release such a tablet.

If you visit a single Apple Store for five days a week for sixteen weeks, that’s got to be a little weird for the staff working there. But hey, if we’ve had people write out entire novels in Apple Stores, then I guess the Manhattan-based artist Price Harvey can use the demo units as much as he wants, eventually producing an album of his own.

I’ve heard a lot of things about the gargantuan iPhone 6 Plus, but an NBA player blaming his tennis elbow injury on the 5.5-inch display is a new one.

Once upon a time, when Macs weren’t compatible with PC, people touted “compatibility” as a reason to buy a Windows machine for your computing tasks. But in 2015, compatibility of a different sort is still a problem, just not for general computing. Macworld cites the recent Apple Music/Sonos as a case for compatibility between software and services.

Also from Macworld is a number of fixes for OS X problems, covering everything from finding old versions of AirPort Utility to migrating information to a new computer using Migration Assistant.

IMore writes Instagram is now rolling out higher-resolution images on the web and in its iOS and Android apps, which will hopefully make your shots a little crisper.

The Mac Observer argues Apple Stores should let customers walk around the store with the new MacBook, but I feel as though that’s asking for trouble.

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