Thursday Morning News

macbook-air-i7-1-7ghz-1322-laptop-w-512gb-ssdMacRumors brings us the news that while Apple is still the largest vendor in the tablet marketplace, it’s no longer the once dominant player, at least in terms of market share. The numbers from IDC tell most of the story: Apple sold 10.9 million tablets in Q2 2015, but for the first time, fell below 25% of the worldwide tablet marketshare.

Apple PR is embracing new marketing methods, turning to Snapchat to promote Beats 1. A brief Snapchat story goes behind the scenes at Beats 1 HQ in Los Angeles with DJ Zane Lowe. Mashable covered the story, also including instructions on how to view the story for yourself in Snapchat.

Right on schedule, Apple has released the third public beta of OS X El Capitan, following the release of the fifth developer beta earlier this week.

Apple has also released an updated MacBook FaceTime driver for Windows users, which improves FaceTime camera compatibility when using Boot Camp. The update is available from Apple’s website and works with 2015 MacBooks, MacBook Pros, and the MacBook Air.

AppleInsider writes you can manually enable Low Power Mode in iOS 9 to get the most out of your battery. Enabling Low Power Mode gives you a battery percentage in your status bar, but it also turns of all background data and down-clocks the processor to get the most out of those electrons.

I’m disappointed Apple’s Company Store won’t be open when I visit Cupertino in late August (it’s closed at the moment due to renovations and isn’t scheduled to open again until September, from what I was reading online), but the good news is, Apple’s Campus 2 project will have a visitor centre with observation deck and store. Doesn’t exactly help me, but at least I know there’s a reason to go back to Cupertino now — if I make the trip at all this time around.

MacStories covers the latest Fantastical update for iOS and Apple Watch. The latest release of the highly-praised calendaring app adds the ability to save drafts, as well as support for Japanese.

When you need Apple-branded hardware for testing, the only solution is to put 96 MacBook Pros in one rack. They 3D-printed plastic parts to keep the displays slightly open about 7mm, and even ran thermal imaging and air flow simulations to make sure the laptops were kept cool in their tower.

TechCrunch says the Apple Music strategy is no-paywall premieres, not exclusives. Which might seem weird, given the number of exclusives we’ve already seen from Beats 1, but the combination of Beats 1 and Connect means that Apple Music users get to listen to the latest tunes, and the artists get massive exposure.

The Loop pointed to this video of an interview Pixar’s Michael Johnson did with three witnesses to NeXT: Doug Menuez, Peter Graffagnino, and Don Melton, saying it’s worth a watch as it contains anecdotes about Steve Jobs, early Apple tidbits, and lots of NeXT nostalgia.

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