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13663-8621-homekit-iphone6-lA transcript from iMore on what Apple CEO Tim Cook said during yesterday’s quarterly earnings conference call tells you everything you need to know about Apple’s financial state. After covering off the iPhone, Mac, services, and Apple in China, Cook spoke at length about the successes of the Apple Watch so far, talking about the high customer satisfaction of the device and how Apple will be working with institutions to advance medical research using data gathered from the Apple Watch.

Other takeaways from Cook’s comments during the call, as covered by Jason Snell of Macworld, are that despite the iPad’s decline year-on-year, Cook still believes the iPad has a strong future given Apple and IBM’s partnership. Macs are growing in a shrinking PC market, and even though Apple didn’t release Apple Watch sales specifics, the company sold more units than executives predicted.

Indeed, Apple CFO Luca Maestri said that Apple Watch sales in the first nine weeks beat iPhone and iPad sales over the same time period, which puts estimates of Apple Watch sales at around the 3 million mark, give or take. If Canalys is estimating 4.2 million Apple Watch units were sold in the last quarter, that might not be too far off.

More importantly, the Apple Watch has captured an estimated 75% of the smartwatch market, which is much more interesting stat than raw sales numbers. And last but not least, if we’re comparing iOS device sales to PC sales, iOS devices now sell more than traditional Windows PCs do.

Right on schedule, Apple has released the second public betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan, which correspond to the fourth developer betas of the two operating systems.

Apple has also released the MacBook Pro Flash Storage Firmware Update, to address an issue on the new Retina MacBook Pro with Force Touch trackpad relating to potential data corruption.

If there was something we wanted from Apple with this beta release, it was disabling App Store reviews from devices running a pre-release version of iOS, and with iOS 9 beta 4, Apple delivered the goods.

AppleInsider reports HomeKit accessories have been delayed by Apple’s encryption demands, and it wouldn’t be the first time products have been held back due to Apple’s stringent requirements.

Microsoft’s latest iPhone app is Send, a simple messaging app that uses Office 365 accounts to have simple email conversations, only without the burden of traditional email. It’s US-only for now, as far as I can tell.

If you’ve seen those freakish images generated by Google’s neural network software and wondered where you can get more and/or make your own, Deep Dream from Realmac (currently available as a public beta) is the nightmare fuel you’ve been looking for.

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