Thursday Morning News

ipad_4_4The Wall Street Journal is reporting Apple will be on track to manufacture 90 million units of the next-generation iPhone this year. That number will be a record for the company, which has to date only sold 74.5 million in any equivalent timeframe. The Journal also says Apple’s next iPhone will come with Force Touch and a new colour option, which may or may not be a shade of pink.

It wouldn’t be update Tuesday without the usual bevy of Apple updates, and to that end, Apple has seeded developers with a new build of iOS 9. The third beta of the mobile operating system is now available over-the-air and lets users access Apple Music via the “new” Music app — while the new design of the Music app was introduced with iOS 8.3 to the public, those running the iOS 9 beta have had access to the redesigned version since day one.

MacRumors runs us through the changes in the third beta of iOS 9, which also includes Apple’s News app, revamped two-factor authentication, and separate folders in the Photos app for selfies and screenshots. 9to5Mac goes hands-on with the News app included in the third iOS 9 beta, which also appears to be US-only, at least for now.

Apple has also released watchOS 2 beta 3, which requires the iOS 9 beta and a special configuration profile which can be downloaded from Apple’s developer portal. The third beta of OS X El Capitan has also been released to developers, and if previous releases are anything to go by, it means the public beta is not too far away.

The Mac Observer says the new two-factor authentication system found in the third betas of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan delivers a secure code to any device you’ve already set as trusted, which means if you’re signing into the web or a new device for the first time, you’ll be able to get a code on your existing devices.

The other way to look at that report from the yesterday about declining Apple Watch sales is that Apple is actually crushing the smart watch sector. Even if Apple is selling less than 5,000 Apple Watch units daily, that’s far more than any other smart watch, and it’s not even counting the more expensive editions of the Apple Watch. Sure, Apple Watch sales may be declining when compared to earlier launch date sales. But literally anyone could have told you that.

Spotify is encouraging its customers to stop paying for Spotify subscriptions via Apple’s App Store, which attracts a $3 premium thanks to Apple’s 30% cut on all App Store sales, subscriptions or otherwise.

Third-party iOS keyboard Fleksy is now free forever, with the developers also offering a number of extensions and themes that previously would have cost $8 via in-app purchases. Fleksy’s shift to a freemium model also means access to more stickers and GIFs to send to your friends (or enemies, if that’s what you’re into).

Business Insider has a report that Apple is more involved in the construction of its new Campus 2 than companies typically would be, with Apple potentially changing building standards within the US.

Over at iMore, Steven Aquino talks about accessibility improvements in iOS 9. There aren’t any big changes, but a lot of little feature improvements that will enhance the experience for those with disabilities.

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