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iTunes-1 (dragged)Apple’s next iPhone refresh will likely be minor speed bump to the current iPhone 6 series, a rumour backed up by 9to5Mac, who report a nearly identical exterior with numerous changes on the inside. 9to5Mac also says a new Qualcomm chip has the potential to double LTE speeds and run more efficiently.

But enough about new iPhones, let’s talk about Apple Music. TechCrunch says the new music and radio streaming service hits the right note when it comes to international availability and pricing, a fact that’s backed up by the paltry cost of the service in India, where Apple Music costs just US$2 per month for individual accounts, and a bank-breaking US $3 for the family plan. For some reason, iTunes media pricing in India is insanely cheap.

Apple also released iTunes 12.2 yesterday, which brings support for Apple Music and Beats 1. The update is now available via the App Store, or can be downloaded fresh from the Apple website – there’s also a corresponding version for Windows users.

And in case you’re wondering where the new iOS 9 beta seed is that brings compatibility with Apple Music, Apple’s Eddy Cue has confirmed on Twitter that there will be a new seed released next week, inline with the normal beta iOS release schedule.

In the meantime, any tracks added to your library can be listened to on your iOS 9 device. And if that wasn’t enough for you, Macworld has a guide on listening to Apple Music on your Apple Watch sans iPhone.

Apple hasn’t explained the differences between iTunes Match and Apple Music as well as I’d like, but iMore’s explanation of the two music-related services provides a little extra clarification.

Unreleased iPod colours have been spotted in iTunes 12.2, with a darker blue iPod touch, gold iPod nano, and a pink iPod shuffle potentially on the cards to be released sometime later this year.

AppleInsider has the details on yesterday’s GarageBand update, which was actually publicised a couple of weeks back but was overshadowed by the launch of Apple Music yesterday. There’s a number of changes under the hood, including Force Touch support and the ability to publish tracks directly to Apple Connect, the third cornerstone of Apple Music.

The Mac Observer says the USB-C port on the MacBook helps battery life by changing your charging habits.

Brent Simmons says there’s nothing that would make an iOS app successful, and in a lot of ways, that’s going to be depressing for many indie developers. But if people are writing apps out of love and not to make a quick buck, that usually means higher-quality apps for the rest of us to enjoy.

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  1. I have to wonder if iTunes media is so cheap in India to offset a massive commercial piracy market over there?

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