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intersitial_largeApple’s latest micro-site explains why there’s nothing quite like an iPhone, complete with snazzy animations and parallax-scrolling. In keeping with their recent “if it’s not an iPhone, it’s not an iPhone” ad campaign, Apple says that they believe phones should be more than just a collection of features, running through other features that make the iPhone unlike any other.

A leaked picture of the next iPhone front panel has been shown off, suggesting mass production will be beginning soon for Apple’s next iPhone, if it hasn’t already. There’s not much to go on, especially seeing as the part is only the front panel glass and not the LCD or touchscreen, but in light of rumours which say Apple will be including Force Touch in the next iPhone, you probably wouldn’t want that headlining feature spoiled anyway.

Jim Dalrymple’s issues with Apple Music have mostly been sorted. In his latest blog post, Dalrymple writes that Apple is aware of and is actively working to fix the issues that plague Apple Music: missing songs, duplicates, and the like. Although he says there’s no way to get away from Apple Music or iTunes Match if you want to use the latest and greatest, he admits that he’s still trying to work out how it all works. And if Jim Dalrymple is trying to get his head around it all, then you can be damn sure there are plenty of regular folks who are, too.

MacRumors has a look at third-party bands for the Apple Watch. Regular watch band adapters can be had fairly cheaply, enabling you to use any watch band with your Apple Watch, but there are plenty of leather, nylon, and buckle-type watch bands that offer compatibility with the Apple Watch, too.

ApplePay competitor CurrentC will be launching in a trial capacity next month, where the contactless payment method will be offered in a limited capacity at Walmart, Target, and Best Buy stores.

Pandora’s CEO has said that the company has seen no impact from the launch of Apple Music. During the company’s quarterly financials, Pandora made a loss of $16.1 million, but made more revenue than forecasts expected.

TechCrunch reports on something changing with App Store algorithms to affect App Store placement. Interestingly enough, the changes this time around only seem to have impacted a small subset of iPad apps in the US App Store — although it’s not known if this was just a temporary change or some kind of glitch, it still hit some developers pretty hard in terms of visibility.

Apple has stopped selling the Nest thermostat in US Apple Retail locations. 9to5Mac says it’s because the HomeKit-compatible Ecobee 3 thermostat is now available, but perhaps Apple weren’t all that comfortable with selling a Google-owned product in their stores.

The Mac Observer reminds us that AppleCare for the Mac also covers some accessories: AirPort base stations, power adapters, trackpads, and the like are all covered when you purchase AppleCare for the PC.

If you absoloutely need to know when your favourite show is airing, look no further than iShows 2. MacStories has the review of the TV-tracking app, which has a great interface combined with some fantastic customisation.

Macworld’s latest slideshow takes a look at the previously hidden collection of vintage Macs. It’s nice and all, but there’s nothing particularly special — there’s no TAM, for example.

Over at iMore, Peter Cohen dishes out the harsh reality that no-one is responsible for your data but yourself, and the last thing you should be doing is trusting your data to Apple (or any other singular company, for that matter). A single Time Machine backup may be good enough for most people, but is it enough for you to rely on in a complete disaster? Probably not.

Notable Replies

  1. tcn33 says:

    I am super, super picky about TV show tracking apps and iShows 2 is by far the best. I was previously using iTVShows 3, which was pretty much spot on with one big exception: it would routinely fail to return any results for new shows. I’d hear about an upcoming show and search for it in iTVShows, and get no results - even though the show would be found in TVRage and TVDB.

    A lot of other apps also don’t have timezone support, which leads to things like a show being listed as “airing today” when it’s actually tomorrow. iShows 2 adjusts for local time by default which is excellent. I also really like being able to change to a different piece of fanart (i.e the poster or banner that’s displayed for a show).

    I have been periodically hunting for new TV show trackers for ages and now I can stop :slight_smile:

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