Monday Morning News

9to5mac_6s3Now that the logic board of the next iPhone has been leaked, 9to5Mac has done a little component analysis. There’s a new new NFC processor on board, which may not add any new features by itself, but an overall reduction in the number of on-board components says Apple is continuing to provide power efficiencies across the board. Alas, 16GB base storage remains the norm, at least according to the leaked logic board — with the external casing also being leaked, there’s a pretty good chance the iPhone 6s will be starting production very soon.

A memo to Apple Store employees mentions a July 14th launch of Apple Pay in the UK, which will bring the more secure variant of contactless payments to iPhones and Apple Watch devices. Meanwhile, there’s still no word on an Australian launch, although I’m still hopeful for a launch before the end of the year.

A new patent application from Apple investigates the possibility of person-to-person payments, which may eventually allow you to transfer cash to someone else directly using Apple Pay. Although you’ll have to receive confirmation of the transfer from your financial institution, the patent envisions you’ll be able to send and receive the payment entirely from your device.

Ben Brooks writes the iPad can compete with the MacBook, although that comes with a number of conditions. Split-screen multi-tasking in iOS 9 can already be accomplished on a computer running OS X, so what advantage does the humble iPad have over the full-featured MacBook?

The Apple Watch can do lots of incredibly cool stuff. Maybe not on its own, but it was never designed to be used by itself — having another way to access all the regular stuff you do on your iPhone is part of its appeal, depending on who you ask.

For basic calculating activities, Apple World Today says the free Moveo Calc is a nice-looking calculator app for the Apple Watch. There’s also Calcbot from Tapbots, which also provides an Apple Watch app.

With Apple Music all that anyone’s talking or writing about, what about Connect, Apple’s new social network for music artists and fans? Dave Wiskus runs us through the process of posting to Connect from the perspective of a band wanting to promote their latest track.

IMore continues their excellent series on explaining Apple Music nuances, such as the difference between free and paid accounts.

IMore also has hidden shortcuts of the new Music app in iOS 8.4. It’s a little different to the Music (or ye olde iPod app) that we once knew, but most of the functionality is there.

MacRumors tells us about adding a nickname to your Apple Music profile, along with adding items to playlists, and getting recommendations based on what you’re listening to, as part of their post on Apple Music tidbits.

Now that we’ve had time to poke and prod at the new Apple Music, 9to5Mac says there’s plenty that needs improving before we Apple can start convincing people to switch away from their existing streaming services. The iCloud Music Library sounds especially scary, and the confusion around music DRM will keep many away.

Lifeline is an interesting little text-based adventure, where you play as remote support for a stranded astronaut. What’s more, it’s even playable on your Apple Watch.

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