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13670-8641-150723-Remote-lJim Dalymple says Apple Music is a nightmare, and he’s not alone. He writes that using Apple Music for even the simplest of advertised tasks felt like a burden, encountering unexplained difficulties and having to use convoluted workarounds for tasks that should have, like the old Apple adage goes, “just worked”. A summary of his woes at Six Colors echoes his sentiments — I know people were afraid of Apple moving music to the cloud, and it turns out, for good reason.

A bug in the latest version of OS X gives root privileges to anyone using logging features with the OS X dynamic linker dyld, as covered by Ars Technica. An explanation of the exploit from iMore puts it like this: “if they’ve already broken into your house, they can break into the locked drawer in your desk as well.”

Apple’s latest SEC filing says the company will be increasing R&D spending by $1.5 billion, for a total of $5.9 billion. At the same time, Apple will be cutting capital expenditure by $1 billion, with a spokesperson saying the cut was due to more efficient spending for tooling equipment and facilities.

A newly published set of patents from Apple reveals a new Apple TV remote which will sense fingerprints for different custom profiles and child-proofing. By using biometrics to identify users, the trio of patent applications discuss collecting biometric data from a user, associating that to a profile, and then remotely configuring a second device based on the biometric data collected.

Apple’s certified accessories program will soon allow for Apple Watch charging stands to include an integrated charging pad into their designs, which should provide for more pleasing aesthetic.

MacRumors says Apple has declared its support for the Equality Act of 2015, which adds sexual orientation and gender identity to the list of attributes that cannot be discriminated against.

Apple’s Back to School promo for this year is a free set of Beats Solo2 headphones with any Mac purchase. The deal doesn’t seem to be live in Australia — either they’re not rolling out the program worldwide this year, or the Australian Online Store just hasn’t been updated yet.

OS X El Capitan also gets a split view of its own, which is kind of like running two apps side-by-side in full screen mode. But despite its usefulness, Jason Snell says there are still a few kinks to work out.

Apple World Today writes about the demise of the iPod shuffle, pointing out how the VoiceOver feature made it the iPod of choice for those with accessibility issues. But with this year’s iPod refresh announced with little fanfare, are the iPod’s days numbered?

Wired writes about the unstoppable, unbeatable iPhone. 47 millions for the past three months is 35% more than the same period last year, and despite a number of factors which should have seen fewer sales and even stronger competition, the iPhone continues to be one of the best-selling smartphones of all time.

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  1. If I recall correctly, they only do Back to School at the start of the school year. :slight_smile:

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