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notes4-ui-100596565-large970.idgeBoth Samsung and TSMC have begun production of the next-generation A9 SoC for Apple’s next-generation iPhone. With shipping estimates putting new iPhone volumes at 80 million for the new iPhone, it’s looking pretty likely we’ll be able to see what’s going on around September. Part leaks have already happened though, so perhaps we’ll know sooner, rather than later.

With the news that the iPod nano and shuffle from yesterday’s revamp will not be able to sync offline Apple Music tracks, the iPod touch suddenly becomes a good choice for anyone wanting to give their children something to access Apple Music on, without the expense and associated costs of an iPhone. On the other hand, having the iPod touch keep the 4-inch form factor with the same iPhone 6 internals means we could also get an 4-inch iPhone 6 sometime in the future, which would be cool.

Apple already offers a SIM card capable of worldwide roaming, although it’s data-only and designed to be used with the iPad. But their future plans with Samsung and other carriers show they’re working on ditching the SIM card entirely, creating a new e-SIM standard that will let you sign up to new data plans more easily.

Our friends across the pond will be getting the Apple Watch in due time, with the launch of the Apple Watch in New Zealand slated to happen on July 31st.

A strange bug with iCloud Drive means that it will delete your files without warning, and makes Apple’s cloud storage seem much less reliable than, say, any of its competitors.

Macworld goes hands-on with the revamped Notes app in OS X El Capitan, which is now much more fully-featured and is getting close to the point where it’s not just a place for capturing a few quick thoughts or scribbles.

The app formerly known as Diet Coda is now just Coda, with Panic bumping the version number to 2.0 and adding so many features they’ve gone and dropped the “diet” from the name. The update is free for existing Diet Coda users, otherwise you can pick up a desktop-class text editor on your iPhone or iPad for just $12.99 on the Australian App Store.

As it turns out, using Numbers for freelance accounting isn’t quite as painful as you might imagine, at least compared to off-the-shelf options. Throw a few macros into the mix, and you should be as right as rain.

Over at Ars Technica, one editor pulled an Apple II Plus out of his parents’ attic and took a few pictures.

Apple’s four new Apple Watch marketing vids show off the Watch in a variety of real-life situations. You can check them out over at Apple’s YouTube channel.

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  1. I’m using Numbers for bookkeeping re my freelance work as well. Does the job.

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