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glances-6cThe latest from the iOS 9 beta is that the next iPad could feature a display with a resolution of 2732×2048. If you do the maths, that’s a higher-resolution display than the new 12-inch MacBook and almost the width of two iPad Airs side-by-side, which should make that new split-screen multitasking feature a breeze to use.

Job postings for Apple in the US mean that Apple’s News app will use human editors for curation purposes, not algorithms. We’ve already seen part of this push on the App Store, with the Games section switching over to human-curated lists, not just algorithms determining what’s hot and what’s not, and it looks as though Apple will be continuing this trend with News.

Shipping times for the Apple Watch continue to improve, with many models of the 38mm Apple Watch now sitting at 1-3 business day shipping times. The 42mm models, on the other hand, are still at 1-3 weeks — but there’s still hope for those of us wanting to buy our Apple Watch in Apple Stores.

Monster has accused Apple of bullying the former out of the latter’s certified accessories program. Speculation says it’s because Monster has targeted the Apple-owned Beats in a recent lawsuit, but either way, Monster believes Apple isn’t playing fair by cutting 900 Monster products from its Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad certification program.

Apple has seeded the sixth beta of OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 to developers and public beta testers, and the fact that the update lands a week after the previous beta means we’re probably pretty close to a public release.

Apple’s circular selection dial for Friends could be used for something much more useful, says Dan Moren over at Six Colours. Instead of using it to show you your friend’s faces (or their initials if they don’t have a picture assigned to them), why not combine it with Glances instead of the current endless swiping used to access Glances on your Apple Watch?

Quartz says messaging gets better with iOS 9, thanks to three major improvements to notifications, quick replies, and search.

Apple has shared new videos in its “Shot on iPhone 6” gallery, which can be watched on YouTube or over on Apple’s website.

Thinking about the future, one session at WWDC this year encouraged developers to make their apps ready for IPv6, seeing as that’s what we’ll be using in the future once we run out of IPv4 addresses.

Over at iMore, Rene Ritchie comments on the long update lifespan on Apple devices compared to the competition — iOS 9 will run on the iPad 2, for crying out loud, which is a phenomenal life span for a device of its type.

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  1. I think “run” might be a bit generous going by my experience with an iPad 3 and iOS 8. But yeah, even so I’m pretty happy I’m getting another year of iOS and OS X on my old machines!

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