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13086-7496-150602-Earphones-2-lElgato didn’t so much as leak HomeKit products as much as it revealed them, thanks to what I assume what was an embargo lifting. It did, however, keep the “Works with HomeKit” branding that reminds me of the “Made for iPhone” certification. TechCrunch has the rest of the products that will work with HomeKit, including iHome’s SmartPlug, hub and bridge devices, as well as the usual complement of thermostats and wireless sensors for your home.

Six Colors has the post on what to expect when you’re expecting WWDC. We already know Apple will be announcing iOS 9, OS X 10.11, and a native WatchKit SDK for creating apps that run on the Apple Watch, but what else is there? If Apple wants to pack a music streaming service into their announcements too, then this year’s WWDC is shaping up to be packed to the brim. No wonder there’s no room for a subscription TV service.

Speaking of WWDC, Apple has confirmed they will be streaming the event live from Moscone Center. The WWDC channel has already been added to your Apple TV and updated with the WWDC 2015 graphic, which kicks off at 3am local time on June 9th. In other Apple TV channel news, Apple has also added a National Geographic channel to the Apple TV.

AppleInsider checks out a patent from Apple which lets people share a single pair of earphones. By detecting when people are sharing the same pair of earphones via stress gauges and orientation detectors, the patent says the earphones can then output a different mono track to each earbud, or separate songs entirely. And they said romance was dead!

Microsoft has acquired a number of companies recently, with their latest being Wunderlist. The popular Mac and iOS task management and collaboration app has been acquired by Microsoft, and while it will remain a separate app for the foreseeable future, there’s a good chance it will be integrated with Microsoft services eventually.

News has it Apple will be closing the campus store on June 12 for a major redesign which 9to5Mac says might even include a kind of Apple museum of sorts, with the rest of the store being modernised. Sources say the store will reopen later this season, but I just hope it’ll be open when I visit San Francisco in August.

If you want an Apple Watch face that won’t blind you in the dark, a modular face coloured red with no complications is just the ticket. AppleInsider shows you how.

Now that USB 3.1 Type-C and Thunderbolt 3 use the same physical connector, Peter Cohen from iMore says this is nothing but a good thing. The news means Apple doesn’t have to choose between their technically superior but less popular Thunderbolt standard or the more popular and more compatible USB standard on machines, although when we’ll we’ll see machines with the combination Thunderbolt/USB C port is anyone’s guess.

Apple’s YouTube channel has been updated with a new series of videos that were shot on the iPhone 6, and the videos are also available on Apple’s website.

Over at The Verge, Chris Ziegler presents a compelling argument for Apple to rename the iPhone to the Apple Phone. If it’s good enough for the Apple Watch, why not the phone, too?

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