Tuesday Morning News

DisplayMate_Photo_28_800Bloomberg claims Apple has already started manufacturing the next iPhone with Force Touch, bringing the feature across from the Mac and Apple Watch to the iPhone. Bloomberg also says that production may be impacted by part availability, but due to the similar designs of current iPhone 6 and 6 Plus with the next iPhone, things should go pretty smoothly.

Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue tweeted a few snippets of Apple Music (collected by MacStories), which launches early Wednesday morning for us Australians. For one, you’ll need iOS 8.4 before being able to use Apple Music, and Cue also said a new iOS 9 seed will be required for access to Apple Music. Cue also answered a question about the 25,000 song limit for iTunes Match, saying Apple Music would be targeting a 100,000 song limit when iOS 9 launches later in the year.

Apple Music senior director Ian Rogers has confirmed Apple will be planning to support Sonos home audio systems by the end of the year, or in his words “ASAP, but not at launch”. Integration with existing media setups will be a key point for Apple Music, seeing as many wireless audio systems already support the likes of Spotify, Pandora, Rdio, and more.

You can go ahead and add another exclusive to Apple Music’s list of exclusives, although this may not be as popular as Taylor Swift’s 1989. MacRumors says Dr Dre’s The Chronic from 1992 album will also be an Apple Music exclusive, streaming for the first time on any music service — not even the star’s own Beats music, which was acquired by Apple last year.

The sapphire covered display of the Apple Watch may be more scratch-resistant than its Ion-X glass counterpart as found on the Apple Watch Sport, but the tradeoff is increased reflectance when used outdoors in direct sunlight. DisplayMate’s thorough analysis of both displays found the sapphire display to reflect almost twice as much light.

Digital Touch is a new way of communicating with other Apple Watch users, but what if your Apple Watch could detect “greeting events” and share information with other Apple Watch users? I can see it now: the next time you fist-bump your colleague whilst wearing your Apple Watch, it automatically shares your contact info with them.

Macworld has a review of MindNode 2 for the Mac, mind-mapping software with some great, easy-to-use features.

Also in Mac software this morning is Tiny for Mac, a little app which makes the in-built screenshot tool a little more useful by renaming your screen shots after the application that had focus when you captured them. It’s currently in beta for OS X Yosemite.

The Mac Observer explains why you need a hard drive clone. Sometimes having a Time Machine backup isn’t enough – and if you care about getting up and running after a disaster in the least amount of time, a clone may be worth investigating.

Over at iMore, Jason Snell says Apple can take on the streaming music industry because of their extensive experience with selling music. It’s sometimes easy to forget that the iTunes Store is the largest music seller in the world… since 2010.

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