Tuesday Morning News

Jay-Blahnik-Sydney-InstagramThe Wall Street Journal has confirmed we’ll be seeing a revamped version of iTunes Radio at WWDC next week. According to MacRumors, the iTunes Radio revamp is supposed to complement the paid streaming service that’s been previously rumoured, with a number of guest DJs appearing on iTunes Radio to make it a more attractive option for those who don’t want to pony up for the full thing.

Meanwhile, 9to5Mac has the summary of everything we know about the upcoming launch so far. They say there will be iOS, Android, and Mac apps, along with the service having some kind of tie-in to social services — either this will be like Ping or something entirely different — and while there will be a free trial, the service will definitely be subscription-based. There’s also high hopes it will launch in multiple countries at launch.

Apple SVP Retail Angela Ahrendts has been seen prepping Apple’s Retail employees for the launch of the Apple Watch in Apple Stores this month. In the video distributed to employees, Ahrendts says this launch is different because of the various Apple Watch models. While there have been whisperings of a new “reserve and pickup” option for Apple Watch buyers to buy online and pick up instore, it’s unknown if this is part of the launch or something that will come before.

Apple’s health and fitness director Jay Blahnik was at the Sydney Apple Store on Saturday, where he co-hosted a session with personal trainer Michelle Bridges about fitness and technology. He was spotted in Tokyo on Monday, and word is he’ll be in China tomorrow.

The Games section of the App Store has been revamped with curated lists, instead of the usual “what’s hot” and “new” lists that have previously populated the section. With a large percentage of App Store titles being games, it’s a good idea to bring a little exposure to titles that aren’t just clones of clones.

Ars Technica explains how your Mac can be permanently backdoored by overwriting firmware right after the Mac wakes from sleep. What’s more, the attack can be executed remotely, no hardware access required.

Graham Spencer switched his favourite Twitter, podcast, and RSS apps for three weeks to see what he might have been missing out on, as well as to experience the same thing from a slightly different perspective. He learned a lot about his own app preferences.

The Sweet Setup says the best calendaring app for the Mac is Fantastical 2. It’s easy to use, looks great, and has enough power features to keep even the most organised folk happy.

IMore tells you how to add spaces to your Dock with a simple Terminal command.

Wired tells us the story of BeOS, the OS that could have taken Apple in a totally different direction compared to the one it is today.

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