Thursday Evening News

large_imageAs I tweeted this morning, the reason there wasn’t any news this morning as per usual was because I was at the Apple Store, picking up an Apple Watch of my very own. While you can’t walk into an Apple Retail Store and buy an Apple Watch, the next best thing is reserving one online and then picking up in-store — no delivery hassles, and even the option of going through Apple’s personal setup process, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re interested in picking up an Apple Watch, the Perth City Apple Store has decent stock at all times of the day, otherwise you’ll have to jump on at 8am to get an Apple Watch at other locations in Australia.

Rumour has it the next iPhone will feature the same 7000 series aluminium as used in the Apple Watch Sport, making it stronger and hopefully preventing any accidental bending. The rumour also claims the next iPhone will come with Force Touch, also found in the Apple Watch. That’s just about where the good news ends though, as the inclusion of both hardware features means an iPhone that will be thicker than its predecessor for the first time.

A serious security flaw with sandboxed apps on both iOS and OS X has been exploited by researchers to lift the iCloud credentials and Keychain contents of people running the software, which even passed Apple’s own App Store approval process. Ars Technica details the security exploit, which involves using cross-platform resource access to do the heavy lifting, and although the researchers aren’t disclosing how they pulled off the attacks, it’s a reminder to only install and run apps that you truly trust.

Apple’s data-gathering vans have been spotted as far out as England, and MacRumors says it’s pretty certain Apple is working on a Street View competitor of their own.

A report from 9to5Mac tells us about Apple’s upcoming Retail revamp, which will see new displays for accessories. While it sounds more like a marketing update than any kind of killer addition to the mostly-stellar customer experience, the new displays as seen in the brand new Upper East Side store certainly look nice enough.

Apple showed off Picture-in-Picture on the iPad as a way of watching content while replying to emails or similar, but what if you could run anything in that little window? One developer has done just that, putting a playable version of Doom into the little picture-in-picture window.

Over at Macworld, Jason Snell writes that Apple News will be a big deal just because it’s a pre-installed app. I’d like to see the numbers on how many Apple devices are never signed into an Apple ID, but it can’t be many — still, there’s no denying that having an app to do something out of the box is a strong proposition.

Meanwhile, MacRumors says publishers are up in arms over Apple’s opt-out terms for inclusion in the iOS 9 News app, and it’s basically Apple saying you agree to the terms in an email they send to you, unless you opt out. The other controversial part of Apple News is that the service will have human curators, which will raise important questions about bias and censorship.

TouchArcade takes a look at the range of mobile controllers and peripherals coming out of E3 this year, with a few other devices other than improvements to the mobile controllers that never really took off.

Wired says the time is right for a super-sized iPad. With features like the ability to run two apps simultaneously side-by-side and keyboard improvements to make the tablet even nicer to use, it’s time for some serious screen real estate to make sure we’re maximising our productivity.

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