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CIeE5uXUAAAylArIn addition to curtailing any kind of background activity, Low Power Mode in iOS 9 disables some visual effects. MacRumors ran the recently updated for iOS 9 version of GeekBench and found that performance was also impacted by Low Power Mode, which presumably works by down-clocking the CPU, throttling it to save power. The benchmark results speak for themselves: performance was higher with Low Power Mode off, and there was a noticeable difference with Low Power Mode enabled.

A minor improvement to the terms of AppleCare+ focuses on battery life issues. Previous AppleCare+ agreements for the iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch said Apple would cover any battery-related fault where the battery held less than 50% of Apple’s quoted specs. The new agreement, which applies for any AppleCare+ purchase after April 9, says Apple will now cover battery issues where the battery holds less than 80% — which I’ve confirmed on the Australian edition of the AppleCare+ product disclosure statement.

You would do well to invoke Betteridge’s law of headlines on this piece from CNN, but they make a fair point regarding transferring patents from Privaris, a company mostly concerned with fingerprint-scanning tech. Apple has been assigned 26 of Privaris’ 31 patents, in a move that will potentially be a game-changer for how Touch ID is currently used on the iPhone and iPad.

The Apple Watch will be making moves on the Netherlands, Sweden, and Thailand on July 17th, in what marks the third expansion of the wearable. Italy, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland and Taiwan were in the second wave of countries on June 26, and undoubtedly we’ll see more countries in that list by the end of the year.

MacRumors has a few hidden features of iOS 9 and OS X El Capitan. Just as I was wondering why there wasn’t a way for me to see my Apple Watch battery life from my iPhone (not that I’m particularly concerned about it, as great as the Apple Watch battery life is), Apple has gone and put a new battery life Notification Center widget that keeps me informed. They’ve also gone and updated the iconic beachball cursor in El Capitan with more vibrant colours — I’m told it looks insanely great.

Disney’s latest iOS release isn’t a game, surprisingly, it’s a GIF keyboard. Yes, you read that right — Disney released a GIF keyboard featuring magical moving pictures from your favourite Disney films. Sadly, it looks as though this one is US-only for now, although it is free.

Six Colors has a post about the “Save PDF to iBooks” feature in iOS 9. It’s included as part of the standard iOS share sheet, so as long as you can share it, you can turn it into a PDF.

IMore covers everything you need to know about iOS 9, covering the tentpole features and the little improvements Apple has made to the mobile OS on both the iPhone and iPad.

People are really into their messaging these days, and a piece from TechCrunch looks at the Apple Watch from a messaging point of view. My own Apple Watch usage has found canned responses (both the ones pushed across by my iPhone and the default replies I’ve setup) to be kind of great, actually.

John Moltz discovered that if you change your iPhone keyboard to be a different language, the canned responses you get on the Apple Watch also change to be that language, in addition to the default canned replies you set up. Sadly, nothing happens if you switch to the Emoji keyboard.

In light of the recent decision in the US to make gay marriage legal, Apple CEO Tim Cook quoted Steve Jobs in saying “the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do” on Twitter. Over at Macworld, Dan Moren writes that Tim Cook’s Apple is the Apple we need, and I’m in complete agreement.

Apple has added two new films to its Shot on iPhone gallery, with both of the videos showing off the slow-motion capabilities of the iPhone in two different situations.

This morning’s image via Terry Blanchard on Twitter.

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