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tts2015-schiller5Variety is saying Beats had a Sonos competitor in the works, but had to scrap it after they were acquired by Apple. It’s reported Beats’ wireless speaker was capable of streaming from a number of sources including Pandora and Spotify, and the company probably better known for its headphones and earphones was looking to introduce larger speakers for the living room before moving onto smaller portable speakers. Sure, they already have the Beats Pill, but what’s another portable speaker among friends?

Speaking of streaming music, Apple has said you’ll be able to stream most of the iTunes library. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, one of the benefits you’ll enjoy is being able to listen to most of the iTunes library on-demand without having to specifically own the music. It’s a pretty big selling point due to how large the iTunes library is, but while we’ll get to stream Taylor Swift to our heart’s content, you can probably count out streaming The Beatles.

Along with the headlining features of iOS 9, there’s plenty of little touches that you may not have noticed. Both 9to5Mac and MacRumors have plenty of screenshots to show you what’s different to the current version of iOS 8, and there’s a bunch of polish in the release. The iPhone now gets the same side-switch mute or rotation toggle feature as the iPad, and both Find My Friends and Find My iPhone are now included by default. Oh, and there’s also a dedicated iCloud Drive app.

A new security feature in OS X El Capitan will prevent access to system-level files and any kind of unauthorised modifications. While that seems all well and good, it’ll also prevent features like third-party TRIM enablers from working. Granted, it’s something that most users won’t need, but the good news is, El Cap may include TRIM support for third-party for third-party SSDs anyway.

Apple has released the San Francisco font to developers, ahead of the typeface being the choice for all three platforms ahead of releases later this season. AppleInsider notes the font supports modern iOS features such as dynamic type for variable letter spacing and line height.

Podcast app Instacast has been discontinued. In an email to paid members, Instacast’s developers Vemedio announced that all of their products had been discontinued immediately, and that the servers would be kept on for as long as possible. It’s a somewhat sad end for one of the first great podcast apps, even though we are spoilt for choice these days when it comes to iOS podcast apps.

Which brings us to the question: how many default Apple apps do you use? That’s exactly the question posed by The Verge, knowing full well that many choose to move those un-removable apps into a folder.

Twitterrific has gone from strength to strength lately, and I’m always curious to see what new feature it has compared to the Tweetbot gold standard. The alternative Twitter app’s latest trick is quick replies on the Apple Watch, which let you send canned responses to replies from the computer on your wrist.

Macworld says third-party complications on the Apple Watch will be a bigger deal than native apps, and I agree totally, on one condition. Provided developers are smart about where a complication may be more appropriate than a glance, there’s a pretty good chance complications will ultimately get more use. (Note that I don’t actually have an Apple Watch, so I could be wrong about all of this.)

Eddie Smith says he’s a Utility guy, by which he means the Apple Watch face with the analog representation of time. He says the “analog clock face captures the physical manifestation of time in a way that a digital clock can not”.

Justin Blanton, on the other hand, prefers Modular. For him, it’s about information density, just like it is on the iPhone with badges on as many apps as possible. Being able to get a glance at where things are at is useful for someone like himself who can do all of his work from the device, and having lots of information presented at once helps immensely.

Last but not least this morning, Jason Snell writes about the other developer events that happen around WWDC. The Talk Show interview with Phil Schiller (the video of which is now available) was undoubtedly a highlight that was unprecedented in the history of Apple events, and perhaps goes to show what the new Apple is all about.

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Notable Replies

  1. Given the demise of Instacast, I am seeking recommendations on a replacement (I did not use Instacast Cloud).

    For example, why Overcast over Pocket Casts, or Pocket Casts over Overcast?

    Whereas I almost exclusively listen to podcasts on my iPhone, a handoff style feature wold be nice (i.e. continue on another device where a podcast was paused).

  2. tcn33 says:

    I’m with Justin on this one. During the work week, Modular is definitely my face of choice - on the weekend, I have less I need to care about, and thus less displayed on my watch.

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