Monday Morning News

applelogos1-800x600The blurriest of blurry-cams shows us how Apple has decorated Moscone West ahead of WWDC, which kicks off tomorrow morning. Geometric patterns shared by 9to5Mac and MacRumors reveal a trio of iOS, OS X, and watchOS banners, suggesting Apple will be focusing on those areas for much of the keynote — and with the new versions of iOS and OS X expected to be shown off, along with native Apple Watch apps, that’s probably not too far from the truth.

Sony Music CEO Doug Morris has let the cat out of the bag by saying Apple Music is launching tomorrow. We had heard rumours about the name of the streaming service, but nothing confirmed until now. Of course, a name and a launch date are only two parts of the puzzle when it comes to Apple launches, but AppleInsider is also saying the streaming music service will allow for personalisation, perhaps by allowing users to choose their favourite genres.

Either way, I’m sure we’ll hear more early tomorrow morning as per the predictions and rumours so far.

It’s entirely possible an Apple Pay announcement for the UK could happen at WWDC, with a launch within the next two months. The news lines up with Visa’s tokenisation rollout, which was always planned to be released in the UK first before Australia, which means we should get it (and Apple Pay) before the end of the year, if we’re lucky. Meanwhile, American retailers are pushing against Apple Pay and other forms of contactless payments, citing “insufficient customer demand” as the reason for not rolling it out sooner. Yet another reason Apple should have brought the service to Australia first, seeing as we’ve embraced a culture of contactless payments.

Rumour has it Apple is considering changing the 30/70 pricing split for in-app media purchases. It’s a move that benefits apps that charge for in-app subscriptions the most, while the 30/70 split for the apps themselves won’t be changing.

A rumour from the supply chain claims Apple will be building a 4-inch iPhone in 2016, after engaging AU Optronics to manufacture the displays.

Following Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments on privacy and security, Edward Snowden has praised Apple for pioneering in privacy, saying the public sentiment has turned against the surveillance state in a piece for the New York Times.

Jason Snell of Six Colors asks if the Apple Watch is intuitive. It’s a good question, seeing as it’s a product unlike anything we’ve ever seen before; but even that doesn’t preclude whether something is intuitive or not.

Dan Moren of Macworld says it’s time for Apple to show the iPad a little love. Perhaps at WWDC we’ll finally see the much-rumoured larger-screened iPad with split-screen multitasking, or maybe we’ll see just another hardware revision. But seeing as that’s what we got with the iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3, I’d agree with him in saying it’s time for something bigger.

Marco Arment did a little testing to find out that disabling Turbo Boost can have a positive effect on battery life, at the cost of some computational speed.

IMore has the ultimate guide to using apps on the Apple Watch, covering everything from installation, explaining glances, and more.

If you know Kairosoft titles, then you’ll already know what Biz Builder Delux is about. Touch Arcade describes the game as several Kairosoft games stapled together, which actually sounds kind of alright.

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