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apple_store_genius_bar_officialApple doesn’t have its own car. But what it does have is a number of decked-out vans equipped with some kind of image-capturing equipment mounted to the roof. We didn’t know what Apple was doing with these cars before, but we do now: like Google does with its Street View cars, Apple’s vans are gathering data to expand the capabilities of its in-house maps. Soon we’ll have 3D street view and stills of actual storefronts, if the latest report from 9to5Mac is accurate.

Apple’s latest support article tells you what to do if Messages quits unexpectedly after you get a text with a specific string of characters. Their fix to the iPhone crashing bug is to get Siri to read your unread messages, reply to the malicious message, and then remove the conversation or specific message from the conversation thread.

After the first software update for the Apple Watch, users complained about the Apple Watch not measuring their heart rate as often as it used to. Apple has since explained the discrepancy in heart rate measurements, saying the new behaviour is as intended: “Apple Watch attempts to measure your heart rate every ten minutes, but won’t record it when you are in motion or your arm is moving”. The Apple Watch previously didn’t care about arm movement, and the reason for the change remains to be seen.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has donated 50,000 Apple shares to charity. The shares, worth around $6.5 million, went to an undisclosed company, and the filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission reveals Cook did not simultaneously sell any shares for personal gain.

Consumer Reports says Apple is the best when it comes to technical support, which probably isn’t surprising given the customer satisfaction focus of the Genius Bar. The fact that the Genius Bar is free and accessible to everyone with an Apple product or using an Apple service scored highly among those surveyed, which contributed to the high score.

While we know that there will be a new version of OS X at WWDC, but so far, there’s been nothing on what kind of features it will contain or what kind of release it will be. The Mac Observer hopes WWDC will bring about a new approach to OS X, with a customer-focused approach when it comes to creating features that are as bug-free as possible.

AppleInsider thinks it’s possible Apple could roll out OLED display tech to other products, now that Apple has successfully released a product with a new kind of display. There are advantages to the display tech that traditional LCDs don’t have, although there are usually trade-offs for the energy efficiency and increased contrast levels.

The last thing you need is yet another email client. But unlike other email clients, Spark from Readdle was built on the cornerstones of heuristics, integrations, and personalisation, all of which combine to make an email client you’ll enjoy using. The MacStories review of Spark says it’s the most versatile email client yet, but it also limited and incomplete.

Numi is a smarter calculator app for OS X Yosemite. Like the brilliant Soulver, you can do calculations with words as much as you can with expressions. It supports currencies and unit conversions, making it a pretty neat little tool.

NeuBible is the best Bible app there is. That’s probably a big call, but consider that it’s from an ex-Apple designer who cut out all the unnecessary features and focused entirely on the reading experience. That’s not saying it’s just for reading, as there’s the usual highlighting, bookmarking, and search features that will come in handy.

David Smith thinks the activity ring complication on the Apple Watch could be improved by showing a different coloured-ring when you’ve filled the activity ring, as the current method makes it hard to differentiate between an almost-filled ring and a completely-filled one.

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