HomeKit Details Leaked? (Update: No)

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Update: An embargo appears to have been lifted as several other companies have also released HomeKit products. Elgato still appears to be the only one using the “Works with HomeKit” branding.

Accessory manufacturer Elgato may have spilled the beans on HomeKit news ahead of WWDC. Their site for the Eve line of home automation products makes reference to a “Works with Apple HomeKit” program, as well as the requirement for an AppleTV “3rd generation or later” to control HomeKit devices from outside the home.

Though HomeKit was announced at WWDC 2014, no mention was made of a “Works with HomeKit” program – only that developers would need to gain MFI (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) certification from Apple. Apple’s own HomeKit developer site also makes no mention of such a program. It’s possibly Elgato have invented this designation for their own products; however, in light of Apple’s past tendency to vigorously defend their trademarks this would seem foolhardy and unlikely.

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Apple has also never officially confirmed a role for the Apple TV in HomeKit, though recent beta releases have reportedly given the device the ability to control HomeKit devices remotely. The mention of a “3rd generation or later” Apple TV will fuel speculation of new hardware at WWDC.

The WWDC keynote will be streamed live via Apple TV on June 9 at 3AM AEST.

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