Friday Morning News

rip-mix-burn-primary-100590277-largeThe first leak from the iOS 9 beta hints at an upgraded front-facing camera on the next iPhone, one that includes 1080p video and even a flash. The current front-facing camera on the iPhone is a 1.2 megapixel shooter with support for 720p video, but it looks as though Apple are looking to up the ante with higher resolution image and video capture, and there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see better optics, too.

A serious security flaw in iOS makes it easy to present a legitimate-looking window asking for the iCloud login details of anyone using Apple’s built-in Mail app. Because Mail on iOS loads HTML from remote websites, it can load a form that looks exactly like the iCloud login prompt — even though it’s not sending those details off to Apple. You can expect Apple is working on a fix for this, which should be released very soon now that the issue has public visibility.

IOS 9 will allow developers to build and release content blockers for Mobile Safari which define resources that will be prevented from loading. 9to5Mac says this kind of thing will allow people to make ad-blockers for Mobile Safari, which will hurt websites that rely on ads as some kind of revenue stream.

Following OS X dropping discoveryd in favour of the much more stable mDNSResponder, 9to5Mac notes iOS 9 has also done the same backflip, dropping discoveryd for mDNSResponder for improved network stability (and hopefully less restarts).

Apple has confirmed the vans it was driving around several US states were for mapping and data gathering purposes. A post on the Apple website also reveals the future locations of the vans, just in case you were in the US and wanted to try and get on camera.

One of the other improvements to Apple’s developer program is the upgraded device limits available to developers for testing. Previously developers were only allowed to add 100 individual devices in total to their account, but each platform now gets 100 slots. That’s five hundred total devices across the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Apple Watch, and Apple TV. Yeah, apparently the Apple TV will also be getting apps at one stage.

Also from WWDC is the news that ResearchKit is now supported on the iPad after initially launching on the iPhone.

TechCrunch writes the Apple Watch is about to become the perfect podcast machine, with watch OS 2 supporting local long-form audio playback as well as local audio recording.

Macworld pens a retrospective look at the old Apple which once wanted you to own all of your music and customise it to your own tastes. Alas, that was 14 years ago, and people listen to music very differently now.

Apple has released the Backstage video it debuted as its WWDC 2015 Keynote opener on YouTube, so you can watch it as many times as you want. It’s pretty great, if I’m honest.

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