Friday Morning News

Tweetbot Mac iconWith WWDC looming large, Ars Technica talks up what we’ll be seeing at the event early Tuesday morning. I guess it’s important to remember that while we’ll probably see previews of the next versions of iOS and OS X, it’s a conference for developers, and we shouldn’t expect too much in way of consumer-oriented services such as that streaming music service everyone’s been talking about. I, for one, am looking forward to agonising over whether I’m going to be running the iOS beta on my primary iOS device this year and having to put up with all the broken apps in silence.

The bloggers from 9to5Mac have their own take on the expected announcements at WWDC, but beyond a focus on iOS and the native Apple Watch SDK, anything else is pure speculation. Macworld takes the opportunity to remind us that iOS 9 doesn’t need revolutionary features to make us happy — I’d rather a quiet WWDC event than 51 weeks of whinging about broken features, personally.

A press release from Apple says that all Apple Watch orders made in May will be shipping out within the next two weeks. Apple Senior VP of Operations Jeff Williams has also said Apple will be selling “some models” in Apple Retail locations around that time (on June 18th), but Apple Retail sales of the Apple Watch will definitely start on June 26th. In other Apple Retail news, Jawbone will be making a comeback to the scene as early as July.

Apple has held onto its fifth place position on the Fortune 500, an annual list of the biggest US companies in terms of revenue. AppleInsider notes no other technology companies are in the top ten, with the closest being AT&T coming at number 12.

Tweetbot 2.0 for Mac is out with the Yosemite design we’ve all been waiting for. While I’m not a fan of the larger image previews (which are an all-or-nothing affair, sadly), there’s a new icon, rounded profile avatars by default, and minor improvements elsewhere. It’s a free update for existing users, otherwise you’ll be able to pick up the best Mac Twitter client for $16.99 on the Australian Mac App Store.

Yahoo says it will be ending support for mail and contact syncing on devices running iOS 5 and later. That seems reasonable enough, given iOS 5 originally made its debut in October 2011.

The Mac Observer explains the difference between a resident device and automation hub, two bits of HomeKit terminology that you may not be familiar with.

MacRumors has a review of the Griffin WatchStand, which cleverly hides extra charging cable length in the stand to maximise tidiness.

IMore compares VMWare Fusion 7 and Parallels 10, pitting both in a fight to the death for the virtualisation crown. If only all technology was as exciting as that, we’d be set.

If shooters are your thing, Touch Arcade says you can pickup Hitman Sniper on the App Store after being soft launched for months.

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