Tuesday Morning News

regentstreet_heroWith the next iPhone rumour to have a camera upgrade with more megapixels, but here’s the thing: more megapixels packed into a sensor with the same dimensions usually means a tradeoff in low-light sensitivity, all because the pixels are physically smaller. If one rumour is correct, use of Sony’s sensor with RGBW pixels may help counter this effect, with the extra white subpixel capturing the extra light to make up for the difference in smaller overall pixels.

Apple is planning to remodel the flagship Regent Street store in London. While no external changes are planned (as far as I can tell, from MacRumors’ report), Apple is looking to create a more spacious feel in the interior of the store by removing columns and an existing main glass staircase and re-configuring the current back-of-house with improved staff facilities.

Apple has added more companies to its list of Maps data partners, which all provide data for the company to include in Maps. User-generated reviews from TripAdvisor and Booking.com are now officially recognised by Apple, and both sources provide travel-related information for a variety of locations.

AppleInsider says the Digital Crown and Force Touch are new interaction methods introduced with the Apple Watch that may go on to shape the future of iOS devices. In much the same way the iPod’s scroll wheel informed the design of iPods for years to come, it’s entirely possible we’ll see the Digital Crown on other Apple products, just like we currently see Force Touch on the new multi-touch trackpad.

If the built-in services for text just aren’t cutting the mustard, TextFlow is a collection of text-based workflows that can transform any bit of text. It only works on plain, unformatted text, but being able to manipulate text automatically is pretty cool. Get TextFlow on GitHub.

MacRumors tells you how to pair a set of bluetooth headphones to the Apple Watch and listen to music on it, if that’s something that you’re interested in. I’ve heard syncing music to the watch is a fairly arduous process, but your mileage may vary.

Halo Back is a screen protector that adds a pseudo-back button to your iPhone. It works by having a capacitive circuit later to where the back button is located, activated from the left of the home button. While it’s probably a good idea, Apple already has Reachability for this kind of thing.

Over at the AppBot blog, Stuart Hall looks at whether you can be successful with an app that’s only available in one market. By comparing the top apps from the US, China, and Australia, he found that country-specific apps do make an appearance in the top charts of their respective countries, so provided you have some country-specific niche, you can have some measure of success by marketing to one specific country.

Marco Arment praises the activity-tracking features of the Apple Watch, saying that it’s inspired him to go to gym while on holiday. All because his Apple Watch is telling him to fill those little green circles, and keep his activity levels up.

Setting your own contact card on your iPhone and having Siri enabled is like a double-edged sword: on the one hand, people can easily locate the owner of your iPhone by simply asking Siri who the owner of the phone is. But on the other, you’re essentially letting a stranger have access to all your personal info, if you choose to put everything in there.

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