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watch-heart-rate-monitor-heroThe first significant Apple Watch update is already being prepped by Apple, according to 9to5Mac. In light of recent Apple Watch security uproar, Apple is working on a “Find My Watch” feature similar to the Find My iPhone and Find My iPad features, despite the Watch not having a GPS unit of its own. Apple is also hoping to add sleep tracking and blood pressure monitoring to the Apple Watch in the future, although how those features will work (particularly when you have to charge your Watch overnight) is anyone’s guess. Last but not least, third-party complications will soon be coming to a watch face near you.

In case all that wasn’t enough, 9to5Mac’s report also claims a new Apple TV is on the way — it’s expected you’ll be able to use the Apple Watch as a remote for the new Apple TV, which itself will feature Siri integration and third-party apps, for the first time. Other upcoming Mac hardware updates include a new model of 15-inch MacBook Pro and 27-inch iMac, which are both set to be silently updated later this week… We’ll wait and see how tat pans out.

An appeals court has lowered the amount Apple stands to receive from Samsung as part of damages. Apple was originally awarded over $1 billion in damages, but that was reduced to around $900 million. Now, that number has taken the most significant blow yet, with the total amount Samsung still owes to Apple coming in at around $548 million — still more than just a slap on the wrist, but hardly the truckloads of cash it originally was.

Apple has acquired yet another mapping company. GPS firm Coherent Navigation specialised in high-precision navigation, and with the Coherent team joining Apple’s Maps department, it’s not hard to see improved navigation being rolled out across the board sometime soon.

Apple CEO Tim Cook gave the commencement speech at George Washington university this year, reflecting on his early years and his joining of Apple when invited by Steve Jobs to change the world.

The Audible audiobooks apps now supports CarPlay, for those of you that have a CarPlay-compatible head unit in your car.

As someone who doesn’t own an Apple Watch, I’m really enjoying the posts from Six Colors that tell me all about the different watch face that describe how they work and how they can be customised. Their look at the utility watch face is no different.

Similarly, iMore has everything you’d ever want to know about keeping time with the Apple Watch. Sure, it’s a wrist-worn computer that can notify you of trending topics on Twitter, but sometimes, you’ll also want it for a munch more mundane purpose of telling the time.

Click wheels might be dead and gone, but those looking for a little nostalgia can download one of the most bizarre third-party keyboards yet: Click Wheel keyboard. If you enjoy scrolling through the entire alphabet and through every emoji, this is the third-party keyboard you’ve been looking for, with one huge benefit: one-handed typing!

Last but not least this morning, Michael Fassbender is Steve Jobs in the first official look at the Steve Jobs film.

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  1. Reminds me of those ancient iPhone rumours when everyone thought that it would be an iPod with phone functionality. Oh how naive we were.

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